Ankle Bracelet Everything You Need to Know About Anklets

Ankle Bracelet: Everything You Need to Know About Anklets

The meaning of the anklet is different if you wear it on your left or right foot.

Do you want to know the origin and the history behind anklets?

Today, we will be introducing the various meanings of anklets.

The Meaning and Origin of Anklets

Many people wear anklets as a sort of fashion statement. 

However, it seems that the meaning differs depending on which foot you wear it on – just like a ring.

There may be surprisingly very few people who even know the true meaning of anklets.

Today, I will be introducing the meaning of wearing an anklet on the left and the right.

What is an Anklet in the First Place?

Before I introduce the meaning of anklets, I would like to briefly explain them for those who are not familiar with anklets in the first place. 

It looks like a bracelet on your wrist, but it’s an accessory for your ankle.

In the winter, it is often hidden behind long pants or socks and cannot be seen.

However, it is a fashionable item that is useful in the summer when you go to the sea or walk around with bare feet.

Unlike necklaces and rings that are easy to see, anklets are a type of subtle jewelry.

The Etymology of the Word “Anklet” is Ankle

As you may have already guessed, the original etymology of the word “anklet” is ankle.

And thus, anklets are something you wear on your ankle.

By the way, in addition to the design of anklets that are simply wrapped around the ankle like a bracelet, there seems to be a design that is connected to a ring attached to the toes called a toe ring with a chain. 

There are many different anklet styles that you can enjoy during different types of seasons and depending on the mood.


Although anklets today are used as a fashion statement, this was not true in the past.

Anklets, which existed before the ancient Egyptian dynasty, were worn during the Roman period.

In an era when there was no medical technique to identify the cause even when suffering from an illness unlike the present age, wearing an anklet was used as a talisman to prevent bad things from being taken into the body.

It seems that the origin of anklets was not used as an accessory, but a talisman.

Unlike bracelets and necklaces, it was thought that the feet were used to “attach” these talismans because they were close to the ground. 

Items that you casually wear as jewelry pieces may feel strange when you know their origins.

Anklet on the Left Foot Means Possession

As we’ve previously mentioned, the meaning of anklets differ depending on whether you wear it on the left or right.

When getting ready and putting on your jewelry, people usually think about the balance between the left and the right side without giving too much thought on the meaning.

First of all, regarding the meaning of wearing an anklet on the left foot, it simply means “I belong to someone”.

In other words, it means you have a significant other.

If your lover or spouse gives you anklets, you may want to remember that it’s better to wear them on your left foot. 

By the way, like the origin of the anklet, the anklet on the left foot also has a meaning of a talisman.

The Meaning of the Anklet on the Right Foot is Reversed

If the meaning is different when wearing an anklet on the left and right, of course I also want to know the meaning when wearing an anklet on the right foot. 

Of course, it seems to have a different meaning from wearing it on the left foot.

But in the case of anklet on the right foot, it seems that the meaning is reversed when wearing it on the left foot.

In other words, if you have an anklet on your right foot, it means that you are single. 

By the way, if a person who already has a specific partner wears an anklet on their right foot, it means that they are looking to have an affair.

Matching Anklets with Your Significant Other

Anklets, which are easier to wear than rings, may be worn by partners who don’t want to show their relationship so outwardly.

Other Anklet Meanings

By the way, the anklet has various meanings other than the ones I introduced, and the anklet attached to the right foot also has the meaning of “realizing the desire”. 

If you have a wish that you want to fulfill, you may want to rely on the power of the anklet.

Historically, Anklets Were Used By Slaves

In ancient Egypt, anklets were items that acted like slavery name tags. 

Speaking of slaves, I get the impression that they are fitted with handcuffs and leg cuffs, but it seems that anklets were also used as a proof of slavery that was visible.

Although the meaning of anklets has changed with the changes of the times, it can make you somewhat uneasy to wear an anklet once you know its origin.

Understand the Meaning and Enjoy Wearing Your Anklet

We have introduced the meaning, etymology, and origin of anklets.

There are many people who do not specifically investigate the meanings of things they wear, not just anklets. 

However, sometimes it is better to understand the history and meaning behind the things you wear to gain a deeper understanding for it.

There is a possibility that the person who gifts an anklet also gives it without knowing the meaning.

Isn’t it fun to take this opportunity to research the various meaning behind accessories depending on where and how you wear them?

The accessories that you casually wear may have a surprising meaning.

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