What Jewelry to Wear With Black Dress

What Jewelry to Wear With Black Dress: 5 Pieces We Recommend

This sleek and sophisticated colour emanates a vibe of prestige and seriousness, which is one of the reasons why the little black dress is such a favourite piece for many.

Almost all jewelry will pair flawlessly with black, making this little dress a wardrobe essential for most. 

What Jewelry to Wear With Black Dress

#1 Embellishments

Does your dress have a lot of decorative components like beads, embroidery, and sequins? 



If your dress is beautifully adorned with embellishments like beads, embroidery or sequins, you may want to keep your jewelry minimalistic to let your dress do the talking. 

A simple bracelet or a pair of sterling silver drop earrings would pair beautifully.

In this case, we would recommend choosing one metal colour and coordinating your other piece to match. Keep your pieces light – more than two pieces of jewelry may be too much for a dress with embellishments.  


If your little black dress is simple and understated, you can get a little more creative with your jewelry coordinating. 

Use the neckline of your clothing as an anchor when selecting necklaces. 


This neckline looks lovely with a wide variety of necklaces. 

Be creative and experiment with what you like best!


Strapless tops and dresses give a lot of room to the neck area which is calling out for a necklace. 

Pick a statement piece if you want the focus to be on your jewelry. 

Or, pick a simple sterling silver pendant necklace if you want the focus to be on your neckline. 


A long necklace that sits right above the end of the V-neck accentuates the v-shape of your neckline. 

These necklaces tend to work best with this neckline.

The simple design of your dress gives room to layering pieces. Layer on some layering rings and bracelets to add to your look.

Pick a metal colour and use it as a base and build around it. 

For example, if you choose a warm-toned gold necklace as a focal point, try pairing it with other cooler-toned metals like silver to make your gold jewelry stand out more. 

Your gold statement earrings will pop when you introduce a few contrasting colours like a silver-toned bracelet or a silver necklace!

#2 Occassion

The versatility of the little black dress is one of the main reasons why many love it. Dress it down for coffee with friends or glam it up for a dinner date. 


Going to lunch with a few friends, or grabbing coffee with a date? 

Dress down your little black dress by pairing it with a statement necklace, or some short dangle earrings. 

Want to style your look a little differently? 

Layer a cuff bracelet or some costume rings to add an edgy vibe to your outfit.


If you’re looking to elevate the look of your little black dress for a smart casual event, like an office work party or a retirement party, you might want to select something a little more elegant like a chain necklace.

In this case, less is more. 

You only need to wear one necklace. Keep your look clean without the addition of any rings or bracelets. 

A sterling silver necklace chain will draw attention to one centralized focal point – your fine jewelry.


For formal occasions, you will want to add a bit of sparkle and glam to your black dress look.

A great choice would be fine jewelry with gemstone embellishments such as rubies, sapphires, or pearls. 

Opt for a minimalistic look – a fine statement necklace with a pair of simple stud earrings or a thick bracelet would work wonders. 

Or, switch it up a little, a simple pendant necklace with fine statement earrings and a pair of pearl clips pulling excess hair back, is another stunning option. 

Oh, and of course, diamonds and pearls, go with everything!


#3 Colour

Black being a colour with no hue can go well with many other colours. Our favourite colours to pair with black are gold, white and red. 

The bright eye-catching tones of gold adds a little glitz and glam to your outfit, while white creates a high-contrast look when paired with black.

Our favourite would have to be red since this pop of colour against a black backdrop is simply jaw-dropping. 

Although most colours pair well with black, some colours just won’t work.

Blues and browns don’t complement black clothing and may even negate the harsh tones of this colour. 


Depending on the look you are going for, gold metals when paired with a little black dress or any other type of black attire will give off a refined and classic look. 

Pair your black turtleneck or your little black dress with our affordable fine jewelry.

We recommend the Mirielle trilogy hoops.

Whether you’re going out with your friends for coffee or going out somewhere fancy, the versatility of our Mirielle hoops make it a store favourite.

Not only do they make the perfect everyday accessory, they add subtle hints of glam to your outfit and elevates your whole entire look.


Black and white has always been a classic.

Earrings featuring pearls and other embellishments with white hues will look timeless paired with black.

A favourite from our selection of affordable dainty jewelry, the Camila braided hoops is another great option that pairs beautifully with black.

These sensational drops exude a gentle, delicate and sophisticated vibe. Its classic drop design emanates a timeless elegance.


Whether you’re looking for a new piece to wear with your little black dress or an everyday black T-shirt, take a look at our affordable high quality jewelry collection.

We’re sure you’ll find a new piece to add to your expanding jewelry collection. 

Happy shopping!

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