How Often Is Stolen Jewelry Recovered 11 Safeguarding Tips

How Often Is Stolen Jewelry Recovered? 11 Safeguarding Tips

The dreadful moment I realized my engagement ring was missing, I felt sick to my stomach. 

I was anxious and scared to tell my husband, who spent so much time and thought in selecting the perfect ring for me. 

That ring told our story. 

Every time I looked at it, I think back to the time my husband proposed to me. 

It brings a smile to my face every single time.  

Did I misplace it at home? Did I drop it somewhere? Or worse yet, was it stolen from me? 

The sentimental value of the ring was not something that could easily be replaced.

I had planned on passing it down in the family, and this precious little ring was not something you could stick a price tag on.

I wish no one ever has to go through what I did. 

Losing jewelry with sentimental value is the utter worst feeling in the world. 

Thankfully though, my story has a happy ending. 

I found it at my office work drawer, when I took it off to wash my office mug. 

If you do ever find yourself in this horrific predicament, do not lose hope!

Here are some tips to increase the odds of recovering your stolen jewelry.

Lost at Home

If you’ve lost your ring at home, there is a very high chance that it will turn back up sooner or later. Thoroughly comb out each area of your home, and there’s a 99% chance you’ll be able to find it. 

Do be careful of drains and pipes. When I drop my jewelry pieces in the bathroom, I will usually close my sink stoppers to make sure nothing goes down the pipes. 


Where was the last place you remember wearing your jewelry? Retrace your steps back to all possible locations. 


If you’ve misplaced it in one of the rooms in your home, you’ll most likely be able to locate it by carefully combing through every nook and cranny. 


Check around the areas where you are most likely to take off your jewelry. 

Did you take it off and leave it by the kitchen sink before you started cooking tonight’s dinner?

Did you leave it beside the bathtub when you took it off before your bath? 


Using a flashlight or other lighting equipment to look in small dark areas, like under the couch, would be a great idea. When your light hits the diamond or crystals of your lost piece, the light will most likely refract and reflect back. This will allow you to quickly notice it. 

Valuable Pieces Stolen

Unfortunately, once a theft occurs, it can be difficult to get your jewelry back. But, that does not mean it can’t happen. So, do not give up.

The feeling of violation of when someone takes something valuable from your possession and tries to make a profit off of it, is unimaginable. 

If this has unfortunately happened to you, here are a few steps to take to recover your stolen jewelry.


Go back to the last place your jewelry was last seen. Has it been misplaced or dropped instead?

Retrace your steps back to all possible locations. 


If you are certain your jewelry was stolen, it is imperative that you immediately file a police report.

The police most likely will have a likely channel to search for stolen jewelry. 

Occasionally they will be able to recover the stash of stolen goods from another person’s possession. 

By reporting the theft to police, you are allowing authorities to match the stolen goods to your lost jewelry. 

When filing a police report, don’t forget to jot down police report number and the officer you spoke with. 


To earn money on the stolen goods, the thief most likely will pawn the stolen jewelry to a pawnshop or a local pre-owned jewelry shop. 

Check with local pawn shops to see if you can locate your stolen jewelry. 

Notify these jewelry stores about your stolen item, so they will know it is a stolen good when offered it.

Pawn shops are legally obligated to record the personal information of all people they buy and sell from.

This will help the police locate the thief who stole your jewelry. 


Do a quick search on Google for your stolen jewelry. Online auction sites, like eBay or Craigslist, are a great place to start. Craigslist is a popular outlet for moving stolen goods since it is not heavily regulated. If you see your jewelry for sale, do not attempt to buy it back as this may complicate things further. 

Alert the police and let the authorities deal with it. 


Facebook and Instagram are great tools to let others know about your stolen jewelry. The online community can help keep an eye out for your lost jewelry. You never know whether one of your friends or followers may know someone who knows someone…

#10 STOLEN911

Stolen911 is a useful online database for stolen jewelry including rings, watches, necklaces, heirlooms, etc. Create an online fingerprint for your stolen pieces by uploading documents, pictures, information and details about the piece. This will help pawn shops and law enforcement agencies to locate stolen jewelry and return it back to the rightful owner. 

Stolen911 is a free and user-friendly online service that people who have lost their jewelry should definitely use. 


Taking preventative measures to prevent thefts from occurring in the first place is always the best practice. 


If possible, take photos of your jewelry piece, grab a copy of the jewelry’s appraisals, and keep a detailed description of the piece.


With the increase in price of precious metals, jewelry is an extremely lucrative target for thieves. Never leave your precious jewelry unattended in a public space even if it is only for a brief moment. 


By adding a little personalized touch to your precious jewelry, like an engraved name or initial, proves to be an effective source of identification for your special piece. 


You can purchase a small personal safe which is ideal for protection and security of small valuables. It works great securing your things in a moderately safe environment.  

Now that you have a list of ways to prevent stolen jewelry, are you ready to look at our affordable high quality jewelry to add to your growing collection?

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