Anchor Jewelry: Can You Decipher the Meaning Behind These?

Anchor Jewelry: Can You Decipher the Meaning Behind These?

As warmer weathers are rolling by, many have resorted to their summer jewelry. 

Beach vacation coming up? Going to an overseas summer resort? 

What is more perfect than jewelry with hints of underwater motifs? 

They exude the perfect bit of playful summer vibe to finish off your look. 

Let’s take a look at a few different underwater motifs before we dive into our favourite one – the anchor.

Underwater Motifs


Starfish are mysterious creations that have the ability to regenerate its body.

They are said to have the power to bring out mental strength and potential.

This is a recommended motif for those who want to change and for those who want to start something new.


One of the more common motifs, it is said that the “seashell motif”, which is also a summer tradition, gives us judgment.

It is also said to have the power to enhance beauty, and it is a popular motif among young women.

The shells express an air of elegance and sacredness that cannot be achieved with other motifs.


The role of the anchor is to “fix and stabilize the ship”.

It is said that this symbolizes stability and peace.

Anchors give courage when something gets difficult.

Since it has the power to hold the feelings of a couple, it is often used for couple necklaces or keychains for lovers.

Anchor Symbolism


The anchor is a motif that is often used in many Hawaiian jewelry.

From firmly fixing a ship in place, an anchor supports a ship in any rough sea. 

Supporting life with unwavering will, no matter how difficult is the meaning behind an anchor.

An anchors symbolizes strength against difficulties.

The anchor must be thrown straight and with precision, as it cannot fix the hull without sticking firmly to the seabed.

Don’t get lost by the rough waves of life and lose your way.


Actually, there is also a connection with hope and an “anchor”.

Remember from your school days, that the last runner of a relay race was called the “anchor”?

In other words, the anchor or the last runner of the relay has the meaning of the last “hope”.

It is said that it came from the meaning of entrusting it to the player!


It is said that two people who love each other will firmly bond like an anchor to the seabed with each other and will not separate.

The feeling of the wearer does not waver.

It is said that it will guide you in the right direction.

What is the Anchor?

An anchor is connected to a thick rope or chain that sinks to the seabed.

It is a hull that keeps the ship above the sea so that it will not be washed away by rough seas and windstorms.


By wearing a lucky motif, whether it be an anchor or other summer water-related motifs, reaffirm your wishes.

A simple starfish motif for someone who is embracing change, or an anchor for someone seeking out hope and stability.

Besides being a fashion statement, wear it also as a talisman. 

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