What Does An Anklet Mean

What Does An Anklet Mean?

Compared to the number of people that wear necklaces and earrings, how many people wear ankles?

There are various shapes and types of anklets.
There are also many stories about the origin of anklets.

Today, we will be introducing the history of anklets, what it means when worn on the left and right foot, and the meaning behind each colour.

Meaning and History of Anklets

As you may have already guessed, the word anklet is made up of the two words: “ankle” and “bracelet”.

It was around the end of the 1700s that the word “anklet” was first used. 

As an accessory, the history of bracelets seems to be older.

The usage spread of anklets was said to be an amulet/talisman.

In an era when it was believed that bad things came from the ground up, talismans were attached to the ankle to give protection.

In the old days when there were no hospitals or medicine, protecting oneself was linked to saving lives.
Gems and precious stones have a history of being a prized possession.

There are many types, from high-end ones made of gold, silver, platinum, etc. to casual ones made of leather, so you can enjoy it in various ways, such as as an accessory, as a talisman, or layered.

Right or Left: Where Should I Wear My Anklet?

If you wear it on your left ankle, it means that you are married or have a lover.

If you wear it on your right ankle, it means that you are looking for a lover. 

In addition, when worn as a pair with a lover or significant other, it has the meaning of swearing eternal love between lovers and couples.

Do Anklet Colours Have a Meaning?

Just as the meaning differs depending on the left and right, so does the colour. 

It’s fun not only to match your anklet to your outfit and look, but also to choose the colour based on its meaning.


White anklets are typically meant for purification and health. Pure white is clean and looks great on any outfit.


The yellow anklet improves your fortune.
“I want to be richer than I am now”. 

“I want to increase my wealth”. 

A yellow anklet would be perfect in such cases.


The brown anklet means family luck and health luck. For those who want to keep their families happy, those who want to be friends with their families forever, brown would be the perfect colour.


The pink anklet is a typical colour for improving romance and marriage. 

For those who wish to meet a wonderful lover, those who wish to marry their lover, and those who want to be a close to their significant other forever, a pink anklet is a great option.


The green anklet is for those who want to be healthy and cured from some sort of illness or sickness.

Green anklets are perfect for those who want to stay healthy.


The blue anklet is recommended when you want to develop and stabilize your current job with work luck. 

Not only those who wish to maintain the status quo, but also those who need inspiration and expressiveness will be supported.


The gold anklet is still good fortune. I want to improve my current life. Recommended for those who want to improve themselves and those who have many opportunities to interact with people.


The black anklet has the meaning of warding off evil, and for those who seek a safe and secure life after warding off disasters. 

It’s simple and cool to wear, so it’s attractive to wear it regardless of generation or scene.


Anklets at the feet are much less noticeable than bracelets on the wrist.

For those who want to enjoy subtle fashion, and for those who don’t want to wear clunky accessories, anklets are an item that is easy to wear.

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