Meaning of Anklet: All Your Questions Answered

Meaning of Anklet: All Your Questions Answered

Some people might feel nervous about wearing anklets without knowing the meaning behind it or before knowing about this piece of jewelry a little more first. 

Today, we will be answering all your questions about anklets.

Q: What is an anklet?

A: An anklet looks like a bracelet on your wrist, but it’s an accessory for your ankle.

Q: When should you wear an anklet?

A: Anklets are most often worn in the summer. In the winter, it is often hidden behind long pants or socks and cannot be seen. However, it is a fashionable item that is useful in the summer when you go to the sea or walk around with bare feet. 

Q: What is the meaning of wearing an anklet?

A: There can be many meanings behind wearing anklets depending on which leg you wear it on and the colour of your anklet. 

Q: Which leg should I wear an anklet?

A: It depends on what message you want to give.

The meaning of wearing an anklet on the left foot means that you have a significant other.

It seems that in history, slaves wore the iron ring on their left ankles.

Based on this, the anklet worn on the left foot seems to mean there is a “master”. 

This has evolved to mean there is a girlfriend, boyfriend, a husband or a wife.

Contrary to the left leg, the anklet on the right foot is said to represent an unmarried person who does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
It is said that those who are looking for a lover will wear an anklet on their right foot.

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