Anklet How to Choose the Perfect Anklet for Couples

Anklet: How to Choose the Perfect Anklet for Couples

Anklets are an accessory that is gaining traction for couples.

It’s a subtle accessory that many people can wear and incorporate into their outfits.

In this article, we will introduce to you how to choose the perfect anklet.

Popular Anklets for Couples

Popular Anklets for Couples

There are many couples who wear matching clothes such as ring or matching necklaces.

Among them, the pair anklet is attracting attention from couples because they are a subtle accessory. 

Anklets are a favourite because it can be enjoyed as part of an outfit for the summer.

It also has the meaning of a “lucky charm” or protective talisman that prevents bad things from happening, so anklets are a good recommendation for gifts.

How to Choose the Perfect Anklet


For matching anklets, it is important to choose a design that suits the tastes of both people. 

Please note, if the charm or design is too big it might get caught into your sock or shoes.

When choosing an embellishment or design, it might be best to choose a simple one that is easy to put on.


For matching anklets, we recommend using a material that can be left on. 

Stainless steel, plated gold, sterling silver, strings, beads, etc. are great options for anklets – they are strong against water and are considered hypoallergenic materials.

Gold and thin chains are easy to coordinate with your outfit and look subtly elegant.

If you want to give a mature look and personality, you might want to give leather a try. 

Anklets with natural stones such as birthstones or anklets with personalized engraving make some of the most special accessories!

Before Buying a Pair of Anklets


If the anklet size does not fit properly, it can be annoying when walking and difficult to put on or take off. 

In the case of one-size-fits-all anklets, you can put it through your toes to measure how many centimetres it will need to pass through your heels. 

In the case of a surprise or a gift, choosing one with an adjustable design would be the best.

Recommended to Wear on Your Left Foot

Anklets have different meanings depending on the foot you put on. 

If you are buying a pair of anklets for a couple, we recommend wearing it on the left foot.

Wearing your anklet on the left foot shows that you have a partner.

Paired anklets also have a romantic meaning of “a proof of eternity”.

In addition, the right foot means “looking for a lover”, but this is not well known, so you do not need to be too conscious of it.


Anklets are one of the best accessories if you’re looking for a subtle jewelry piece

Even shy couples and couples who have just been dating can wear anklets easily since they are so subtle!

They make a great first gift and are loved by both women and men alike!

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