Can You Make a Ring Bigger? Ultimate Guide to Ring Resizing

Can You Make a Ring Bigger? Ultimate Guide to Ring Resizing

Can You Get Rings Resized Bigger?

The short answer? Yes!

Today, I will be introducing the ways rings are resized.

For rings that have been worn for decades, such as wedding rings, it is not uncommon for them to feel tighter and smaller. 

Increased or decreased muscle and fat, and swelling of the skin over the years are some reasons why your ring no longer fits the way it used to. 

Especially for women, the body can go through huge changes like pregnancy and childbirth, that can cause the size of fingers to change permanently. 

Therefore, in order to wear and use your memorable wedding ring for a long time, it’s important to know how to resize your ring.

How Can You Make a Ring Bigger?

I will introduce three methods to increase the size of your ring. 

Let’s go through each one by one.


With this method, the ring is cut once and the material is added to increase the size. 

This method is often used for weldable platinum and gold rings. 

For rings with jewels, jewels are removed beforehand so that the jewels are not affected by heat or moisture when immersed in water.

Finally, the shape is adjusted and polished so that the area that was spliced does not stand out.


This seems like a bit of brute force. 

But you can stretch out a ring by striking it with a tool. 

This is a method that is used for rings made of titanium or zirconium, which is difficult to weld. 

With a platinum or gold ring, if you just want to increase the size by just a little, you can use this method without cutting it. 

The important thing to note is that this method can slightly change the markings or designs inside the ring. 

If your ring has engravings or words, you may want to opt for another method.


You can also increase the size of your ring by scraping the inside of the ring. 

With this method, the engraving inside the ring is likely to disappear, so if you want to leave the engraving, you may need to either partially cut it or have it re-engraved. 

Does My Ring Fit?

So now that you’ve resized your ring, your next step is to make sure that the ring is fitted correctly.   

The ring should fit snugly on your finger so that it doesn’t fall off. At the same time, it should be able to come off the knuckle area without much resistance.

Can My Ring Be Resized?



Materials that can be easily resized are platinum and gold.

Platinum and gold are easy to process and therefore easy to resize in comparison to other metal materials.

However, since rose gold is harder than platinum, it may be difficult to resize. 


Depending on the design, it may not be possible to resize. 

Generally, a ring with a simple design and less decorations and embellishments are much easier to resize. 



Rose gold is colored by mixing another metal with gold to give it its pinkish colour.

When you want to increase its size, the modified material may be slightly different from the original colour. 


It is extremely difficult and almost impossible to resize a pave ring or full eternity ring that has a complicated design, or a ring with engravings.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Ring Resized?

The cost of resizing itself depends on the jewelry shop you bring your ring to. 

Regarding resizing, there are various brands that offer free lifetime resizing, or free resizing for a limited period after purchase.

If you always want to wear your engagement ring in the perfect size that fits your finger, you may want to consider  choosing a brand that has a lifetime warranty guarantee from the beginning and offers resizing for free. 

If having the perfect fitting ring is important to you, you may want to prioritize the after-sales service when choosing an engagement ring.

Wedding and engagement rings last a lifetime. 

That’s why you probably want to choose the one that is right for you. 

In order to wear your ring for a long time, maintenance including size modification is essential. 

Don’t forget to check what kind of aftercare services are included when making a purchase.

How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring?

Fortunately, ring resizing does not take long. 

Your local jewelry will often quote you a timeline of one to two weeks, to be safe. 

However, ring resizing can be done on the same day or the next day if your jeweller has a small workload and they don’t need to ship your ring elsewhere for resizing.

Where Should I Go to Resize My Ring?


The original jewelry shop where you purchased your ring is a great place to start. 

Check whether there is some sort of after sales service like free resizing included with your ring purchase.


Ring repair shops can often resize your ring at an affordable price. 

For a simple resize, it can take up to 2-3 hours and cost as little as $30-$50. 

For a more intricate design, the cost can be up to $150 and take up to two months.

Can Eternity Bands Be Resized?

As the name “eternity” suggests, the eternity ring is a popular wedding ring that symbolizes “eternal love”. 

The eternity ring has a gorgeous and elegant look, with diamonds being held uninterruptedly surrounding the band of the ring.

It is difficult to resize a full-eternity wedding ring due to its design with diamonds all around. 

However, the half-eternity wedding ring has a bare metal part around the ring, so these types of eternity bands are much easier to be resized.

Can You Make a Wedding Ring Bigger?


It depends on the material and the design of your ring.

The simpler the design, the faster and more cost-effective the resizing is. 

However, for more intricate designs, the resizing will cost more and take up more time.

Can You Make Gold Rings Bigger?


Thanks to its malleable property, gold is actually an easy material to work with in regards to resizing. 

Pure gold that is. 

However, for coloured gold, like rose gold, the colour may be affected during resizing.

Rose gold is colored by mixing another metal with gold to give it its pinkish colour.

When you want to increase its size, the modified material may be slightly different from the original colour. 

How to Make a Ring Bigger at Home

While we recommend resizing your ring with a professional, either at a jewelry store or a ring repair shop, it is possible to resize the ring yourself at home. 

While we recommend resizing inexpensive rings at home by yourself, we strongly recommend leaving expensive and valuable rings to the professionals. 


Lubricate the ring with petroleum jelly, soap or liquid detergent. 

Slide your ring onto a ring mandrel. 

With soft, but firm strikes, gently tap the ring with a wooden mallet. 

You’re trying to slide your ring further down the mandrel by stretching it out. 

Ring Resizing

If you notice that your ring is tighter than usual more often, it might be time to resize to a more comfortable size.

Ring resizing involves a jewelry stretching out the material of your ring. This method only allows for up to a half-size increase.

If you need a size larger than half a size, the jewelry will cut the ring and add in extra material. 

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