Anklets: 3 Reasons to Wear an Anklet Today

Anklets: 3 Reasons to Wear an Anklet Today

Summer coordination tends to be simple.

It’s hot, so there’s not much opportunities to layer your clothing.

It’s usually a top or T-shirt, with shorts or a skirt. 

Are you looking for an accent piece?

Today, I’d like to recommend anklets.

If you didn’t already know, anklets are accessories that you wear on your ankles.

It is a convenient item that can be used as an accent for coordination that exposes the ankles.

I will talk about three reasons why you should wear an anklet.

Let me know if you’re convinced!

The Perfect Choice for People Who Don’t Wear Flashy Jewelry

Anklets can be easily worn by people who are uncomfortable with accessories.

I think that there are some people who have a feeling of resistance to jewelry.

There are many people who are afraid to wear it because they feel it could be too flashy.

In this case, anklets are recommended.

Anklets are not too noticeable like necklaces, bracelets and rings.

They can be worn lightly and casually.

It is an item that people who are uncomfortable with accessories should definitely try.

Many Affordable Types of Anklets

Anklets are very affordable.

Compared to other jewelry pieces like necklaces, there is far less material that goes into making an anklet. 

You can easily find a high-quality anklet around $30-$50.

Spice up your summer coordination with an anklet.

When it’s hot, the number of clothing items you wear decreases – there are no opportunities to layer.

Therefore, the design of the pieces you are wearing is the key to your coordinate.

For example, use patterns, colours, and interesting designs, and so on.

And since the area of ​​the item itself is quite small, I don’t really know the quality. You wouldn’t know unless you were told that the anklet I was using was also 1,000 yen.

Small Piece but Big Impact 

Anklets are very small items, but they are a great accent.

Your feet are a prominent part of your coordination.

So even a little accessory like an anklet can be a great accent.

Give it a try and incorporate it into your own coordination. 

It will be a nice accent piece when you actually wear it.


Today, I gave 3 reasons why I would recommend an anklet. 

In summary,

  • It is the perfect choice for people who don’t wear flashy jewelry
  • There are many affordable types of anklets in the market
  • It is a small piece but gives a big impact 

When it gets hot, there are many ways to match T-shirts with shorts, but the outfits can start looking repetitive.

An anklet is one of the means to solve this problem.

Even people who are not used to wearing jewelry and accessories can easily wear it, so if you are interested, please give it a try.

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