What Color Is Emerald What Color Matches Emerald Green

What Color Is Emerald? What Color Matches Emerald Green?

Emerald has the image of being one of the most expensive gemstones, second to diamonds. 

Its delicacy and allure are only some of the reasons that make this beautiful gemstone so captivating.  

What Color Is Emerald What Color Matches Emerald Green
What Color Is Emerald What Color Matches Emerald Green

When I was I high school, I remember secretly borrowing my mother’s emerald ring from her jewelry box.

I remember being in awe and feeling like such an adult at that time.

Today, I will be discussing everything you need to know about emeralds.

From its colour, to the property of this gemstone, and how to match emerald-coloured attire.  

What Color Is Emerald?

Emerald represents a green jewel. 

Emerald is one of the three major gemstones.

The emerald has captivated many women since ancient times and was believed to have been a favourite of Cleopatra’s. 

The deep colouration and the unique shine that allows light to be emitted from the inside of the gem is unique to emeralds. 

Among the different emeralds around the world, there are emeralds of exceptional beauty that develop deep and beautiful colour. 

It’s the Zambian emerald. 

Compared to other production areas such as Colombia, it has a slightly bluish, very deep and vivid green.

What Colour is an Emerald? Is Emerald Blue or Green?

Emerald is a clear, vivid bluish green.

To the naked eye, it usually appears more green than blue.


The gemstone emerald is a beautiful clear deep green stone. 

When expressing a vivid and dark green, the phrase “emerald-like” is often used to describe it. 

However, the colour swatch, Emerald Green, is a bit different than the emerald gem.


The emerald mineral name is called “beryl”. 

The hardness level of Emeralds on the Mohs scale is about 7.5-8.

It is said that like any other gemstones, there are no emeralds without defect.

The feature of emeralds like many naturally-occurring gemstones is that there are many inclusions. 

Although emeralds have quite a high hardness level, the reason why they are brittle and can chip easily is because there are many inclusions.

How Does An Emerald Get Its Colour?

“Beryl” is essentially a colourless mineral, but it turns green when chromium and a small amount of vanadium are mixed with it.

Since emeralds crystallize under harsh conditions, cracks and inclusions are mixed inside the stone.

The emerald’s colour changes depending on its cut. 

Since emeralds tend to chip, “cabochon cut” (a method of cutting into a round chevron) was the mainstream method in the past.  

The emerald colour also changes with the cut.  

Cabochon cuts are recommended for those who like dark emeralds, but if you want to emphasize transparency, “emerald cuts” with four corner cut may be better.

No Oil Emeralds

As is common sense for jewellers, most emeralds are impregnated with oil or resin.  

Natural emeralds that have not been subjected to this treatment are called “no-oil emeralds”, they are quite rare.  


When buying an emerald, you’ll hear from your jeweller “Never use ultrasonic cleaning” is always said.

To keep the beautiful majestic colour of the impregnated emerald beautiful, excessive washing is strictly prohibited.

It is also highly recommended to be extremely cautious when exposing your gemstone to the elements.

Take care when using your emeralds with hot water, hot air from a dryer, and direct sunlight

In that sense, non-oil emeralds are extremely valuable and expensive stones, but they also have the advantage of being easier to handle because they are less likely to change colour compared to impregnated emeralds.

Everything You Need to Know About Emeralds

What you should be aware of when purchasing an emerald is that “emeralds are vulnerable to shock, so please do not hit or drop them”. At first, a necklace may be safer than a ring. 

But emerald necklaces get a lot of attention. So, when choosing, color should be more important than inclusion. “Color” is a very important point when judging whether the viewer is beautiful.

What Color Goes With Emerald Green?

Emerald green is such a beautiful colour, but unlike solid neutrals like black, white or grey, it may be hard to find the right colour to pair it with.

Poor colour choices will result in an outfit that is disproportionate and mismatched.

However, when done correctly, your pieces will complement each other and you’ll look remarkable!


Green is a soothing colour, as it remind us of nature.

Since green is a cool tone made up of blue and yellow. Pairing this colour with some warmer tones will allow the jewelry piece to complement your outfit. 


Green is an eye-catching colour.

So, when it comes to your corsage, you may want to choose a colour that is a little bit muted.  

Choose a corsage with different shades of off-white  colour as the base.

Pick green decorative elements that are different than the shade of your green dress.  

This will bring dynamics into your whole look.


So, your date chose an emerald green dress. 

What colour of tux should you wear? 

Rather that opting for a tuxedo in the same shade, pick a colour you feel comfortable and confident in.

You can match your accessories with the shade of your date’s dress. For example, a bowtie in green.


Balance your look with subtle accents.

Go for muted colours and simple earrings.

Loud designs will take the attention off your dress. Similar to your jewelry, opt for something that is subtle to ensure that the attention is on your gorgeous dress.

Some good colours for consideration are silver, white, off-white or pearl. 

These are great neutral colours that will act as a base to build your colours with. 


Emeralds with its majesty and beauty, is a favourite of many women.

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