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4 Crucial Reasons Why Cleaning Your Earrings Is So Important

In our busy, everyday lives, earring hygiene is something we hardly, if ever, think about.

In fact, a short survey we conducted, found that 84% of women do not clean or sanitize their earrings regularly. 

Are you guilty of being a part of that majority?
I know I was!  

So, why should you clean your earrings? 

Wearing New Earrings

We all know the feeling.

When you have your newly purchased earrings in your hands, excited to try them on and see which outfits match with them that you — whoops! — forget to clean them.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

But remember this — you don’t know where those earrings have been before you got them.

Have other people tried them on at the store?

Have the shopkeepers been doing their job keeping their jewelry in a clean environment?

What are the sanitary conditions at the factory or warehouse that housed your earrings?

Even before you receive your earrings, there are so many opportunities for dirt and bacteria to develop on your earrings.

You wash your newly purchased clothes before wearing them, so shouldn’t you do the same for your earrings?

Sanitizing your new earrings will give you a peace of mind (and help make it look even more brand spanking new!)

Prevention of Infections

The cleaning doesn’t stop here though, and for a good reason!

Think about all the grease, grime, creams, and oils coming from your face and hair that can easily make its way to your earrings.

Cleaning your earrings on a regular basis can prevent painful and dangerous infections.

The accumulation of filth creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and infections.

Your earrings touch your ears directly, which make it in closer contact to your skin than any other types of jewelry.


For a two-second trick, try using a disinfect wipe. This will keep your earrings germ-free until you have some time to give it a more thorough deep clean. 

Restoring the Lustre of Your Earrings

If all the stories about proper sanitation hasn’t gotten you reaching for your bottle of cleaner, know that your earrings can look so much newer with the proper cleaning.

Dust and grime sitting on the top of your earrings can take away its original shine, making them look dirty and old.

You may be surprised to see how such a quick and simple step and restore an old pair of earrings to its former glory. 


Try using a soft cloth to wipe the surface of your most frequently used earrings.

How Can I Clean My Earrings at Home?

Cleaning your earrings at home is a simple, quick and inexpensive task. 

We suggest using rubbing alcohol for its excellent disinfectant property and ability to evaporate quickly.

Remember the bottle of earring cleaning solution that came with your earrings the first time you got your ears pierced?

They make a great cleaning agent as well.

Simply pour a little bit of solution onto a cotton ball and thoroughly wipe the front and back of your earrings.

Doing this will not only prevent infections and kill off bacteria, it will also restore the original shine of your earrings. Win-win!

Your hands are swarming with bacteria everyday.

When you use unwashed hands to clean your earrings, you are transferring bacteria into the hole in your ears.


Especially for people with sensitive ears or new piercings, don’t forget to clean your earrings with washed hands!


Dousing rubbing alcohol or any other earring-safe cleaning solution onto cotton pads to sanitize your earrings regularly once a week is enough to keep your earrings clean and hygienic.

For the pieces that you don’t wear as often, cleaning them once before or after every wear should be fine.

Don’t forget to remove your earrings in the shower and before you go to bed to let those holes in your ears breathe!

Your ears will thank you.

Now that you’ve learned how to properly care for your earrings, are you ready to add some more affordable delicate jewelry to your collection?

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