8 Little-Known Pearl Facts You Will Want to Know About

Pearls have been revered since the beginning of time.

Their shape, lustre, colour and its origins are only some of the reasons why we find this beautiful gemstone so alluring.

Today, I want to share with you some interesting facts about pearls.

#1 Pearls are the Only Gemstones Created by a Living Organisms

Despite being referred to as a gemstone, a pearl is largely different due to how they are created.

Unlike emeralds, rubies and sapphires, which are created from deep inside the Earth, pearls are created by shellfish called mollusks.

Mollusks that are able to produce a shell, are also able to produce pearls.

However, naturally forming pearls are very rare and reported to be found in one of every 10,000 mollusks.

#2 Pearls are the Official Birthstones of June

Pearl is one of the three official birthstones of June.

The white lush pearl symbolizes purity and clarity.

Pearls make a great gift for anyone with a birthday in June.

#3 Cleopatra Hosted "A Dinner Party" Using Pearls

A famous folklore tells the story of Cleopatra, who tries to prove to Mark Anthony that she could host the most expensive dinner party in history.

Cleopatra was known to own two large and magnificent pearls which she wore as earrings.

She ordered servants to bring her a glass of very strong vinegar which she dropped in the large pearls and effectively dissolving them and thus creating the world's most expensive elixir.

#4 Humans are Biologically Conditioned to Find Shapes Like Pearls Beautiful

Studies have shown that humans have a preference for circular shapes.

An eye-tracking study conducted in 2011 has shown that infants at the age of five months have already shown visual preference for rounded lines over straight ones.

Scientifically speaking, preferences for shapes like pearls are biologically ingrained in us at a young age.

#5 99% of Pearls are Cultured

In the 19th century, Kokichi Mikimoto developed a way of creating cultured pearls.

After two decades of trial-and-error, he succeeded.

This was a breakthrough in the pearl industry as most natural pearls have already been harvested already.

#6 There are Specific Occasions where Pearls are Gifted

Pearls are usually given as traditional gifts to brides, 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries.

Ancient Babylonians even believed that pearls had life-giving powers.

#7 Different Regions Have Different Preferences in the Color of the Pearl

The color of the pearl does not affect the value of it.

However, some colors of pearls are more sought after than others in some regions.

For example, in America, white pearls are the most popular, whereas, silver pearls are the most sought after in Asia.

#8 The Size of the Mollusk is Directly Correlated to the Size of the Pearl

The size of the mollusk is directly correlated to the size of the pearl it creates.

The larger the mollusk, the larger the pearl it can create.

However, large pearls need a large nucleus to be planted into the mollusk.

A large nucleus means there is a higher chance the mollusk will reject the nucleus, or the mollusk will die before the pearl forms.

This is a major reason why large pearls are so much more valuable.

Pearls are a marvel because of its timeless beauty and elegance. Freshwater pearls are breathtaking but because of constant harvesting, there are not a lot left making this wondrous gemstone extremely expensive.

Are you ready to take a look at some affordable dainty jewelry with simulated pearl embellishments? 

Simulated pearls, when created with quality materials, can mirror real pearls at an economical price.

Copper pearls are created to mimic the lustre and shine of real pearls, making this simulated pearl option one of the most affordable high quality jewelry.

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