How Much Is My Ring Worth Figure Out the Value in 5 Minutes

How Much Is My Ring Worth? Figure Out the Value in 5 Minutes

So you are looking to get rid of your ring.

“How much is the assessment value of diamonds?”

“What is the assessment value of brand-name jewelry?”

“Can I sell my initialed diamond ring?”

I’m sure many questions are running around in your mind.

Today, we will introduce ways to easily check how much your diamond ring is worth.

What Type of Items Can Be Brought In?

When we think of diamonds, we immediately think of jewelry.

But those aren’t the only things that can be brought in.

In rare cases, ballpoint pens and fountain pens with diamonds are also brought in.

When we think of diamonds, we immediately think of jewelry, but what kind of things are actually brought in?

Among them, rings are by far the most common.

Is Jewelry With Diamonds More Valuable Than Jewelry With Other Gemstones?

Yes and no.

The diamond itself has great value. 

So, if your jewelry has diamonds in it, the price will also go up.

However, this is not to say other gemstones are not just as valuable.

How Can You Determine the Assessment Value of Your Jewelry?

The assessed value of your jewelry depends on:

  1. The quality of the diamond used
  2. The condition of the item
  3. Whether the jewelry piece is branded or not

Let’s look at these points in some detail:

  • The quality of the diamond is based on the 4C’s:
    • Carat (Weight)
    • Colour
    • Clarity
    • Cut (Technical Processing)
  • The item’s condition depends on its design, size, presence of initials, etc.

The appraisal value reflects the results of the factors listed above.

Branded or Non-Branded? What Kind of Jewelry Is Higher Priced?

The purchase of diamonds can be broadly divided into “branded jewelry” and “non-branded jewelry”.

Of these, brand jewelry can be sold for a higher price than non-brand jewelry.

Why is that?

Why Is the Price of Branded Jewelry Higher Than Non-Branded Jewelry?

Branded jewelry has a higher added value than non-branded jewelry because it costs more to design and make.

Therefore, the amount of the diamond “stone” added to the value of the brand is reflected in the assessed amount.

On the other hand, for non-branded jewelry, the valuation is lower than for branded jewelry because only the price of diamond “stone” is assessed.

Diamonds selected with such time and effort are of good quality and fetch high resale prices.

Do High-Priced Items Sell For Higher Prices?

For branded jewelry, the list price affects the assessed amount.

High-priced branded items tend to get higher prices.

On the other hand, in the case of non-branded jewelry, a high purchase price does not necessarily mean a high resale price.

In non-branded diamonds, even poor quality diamonds may be sold at a high retail price in consideration of the time and cost required for it to become a product.

If you know your jewelry is studded with high quality diamonds, you may be able to obtain a valuation that is worth the price.


With the information provided, we hope you are able to value your jewelry piece at home.

So, what grade is your diamond?

To get the true value of your piece, we recommend going to talk to a professional.

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