Real vs Fake Can You Tell If a Diamond Is Real at Home

Real vs Fake: Can You Tell If a Diamond Is Real at Home?

Diamonds are one of the most valuable gems in the jewelry industry.

Their beautiful and natural shine is one of the reasons that makes this gemstone so captivating.

However, what about other look-alike alternatives?

There are some ways to distinguish between genuine and fake diamonds.

We’ll be discussing these techniques in today’s post!

Real vs Fake Can You Tell If a Diamond Is Real at Home
Real vs Fake Can You Tell If a Diamond Is Real at Home

What is a Fake Diamond?

Before we look at how to distinguish real and fake diamonds, let’s look at what fake diamonds are in the first place.


The definitive difference between a real diamond and a fake one is its chemical makeup.

Real diamonds consist of only carbon, while a fake one is made of various components such as zirconium oxide.

While their physical appearances look very similar, the ingredients are completely different.


Many people may think that zircon is a synthetic stone, but it is a natural stone.

Zircon is available in various colours such as blue, yellow, and green in addition to being colourless.

In particular, colourless and transparent zircons are often used as a substitute for diamond and is distributed as an affordable but high-quality option for engagement rings.

Although it tends to be strongly recognized as “a stone that is cheaper than diamond,” it is not a cheap stone due to the fact that it has been recognized as a high-value stone since the ancient Greek era.

A gem with a name very similar to zircon is “cubic zirconia”.

It’s easy to distinguish when placed beside a zircon

However, while their names are very similarly, the two are completely different.


Moissanite, which is a silicon carbide quartz stone, exists in the natural world.

However, most of the rare stones in circulation are synthetic ones.

Since the refractive index and thermal conductivity are very close to that of a diamond, it was said that it was difficult to identify even while using a machine called a “diamond tester” to identify whether it was a real diamond or a moissanite.

It is possible to compare diamond and moissanite by color, but it is judged by measuring the hardness of stone called Mohs hardness.

Diamonds have a maximum hardness value of 10 while the Moissanite has a value of 9.24, which cannot be easily determined at home.


Cubic zirconia is a human-made synthetic stone that resembles a diamond.

Cubic zirconia is sometimes also referred to as “CZ”.

Cubic zirconia is made by synthesizing multiple materials, and zirconia is one of the main raw materials.

How to Tell If a Diamond Is Real


Diamond has a very high thermal conductivity.

This means even if you breathe onto it to cloud the surface, it will immediately return to clear.

However, in the case of other materials like CZ, cloudiness does not disappear easily or quickly.


If your diamond is a loose stone, this test will work.

Draw a line on a piece of paper and put your stone on top of it.

Peer at the line through the stone.

You should not be able to see the line with a real diamond, but you should be able to see it with other diamond substitutes like CZ.

Are Artificial Diamonds Real?

Previously, we have discussed that imitation diamonds are no the real thing, but a completely different substance.

But what about artificial diamonds?

An “artificial diamond” is an artificial reproduction of a natural diamond, and has the same carbon component.

If we’re talking about the chemical composition, there is no difference in an artificial manmade diamond and a real diamond.

It is said that even experts can find it difficult to distinguish them from natural diamonds.

Specialized Institutions

Ultimately, it is important to have a professional appraiser perform an appraisal on a diamond if you are uncertain of its authenticity.

There are several appraisers in North America, but the American Gem Society has a reputable appraisal record and handling volume.

These types of institutions also accept individual requests, so feel free to consult with them.

Also, if you are thinking about purchasing diamonds from now on, be sure to check whether you have a certificate from a specialized institution!


While cubic zirconia and moissanite are beautiful and affordable high-quality alternatives to diamonds, be careful not to purchase them under the guise of them being labelled a diamond.

If you are worried that the diamond you already have may be a different stone, do a quick check at home.

If you are still unsure, it may be a good idea to consult with an appraiser.

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