Is it Possible to Make a Wedding Band or Ring Bigger or Smaller?

Wearing a wedding ring can last for decades. 

After purchasing, it is not uncommon for your finger size to change due to increased or decreased muscles and fat, swelling of the skin, etc. 

Especially in the case of women, changes in the body may appear very large before and after pregnancy and childbirth, and 65% of those who come to consult about resizing their rings are women. 

The size of the finger changes. 

To choose a wedding ring that you will wear for the rest of your life, it's a good idea to know how to resize it.

Today, we will talk about:

3 ways to increase the size

  1. Separate and add material
  2. Hit the metal and stretch it
  3. Shave the inside

3 ways to reduce the size

  1. Separate and excise a part
  2. Add protrusions and parts inside to reduce the inner diameter
  3. Compress and shrink the whole ring evenly

How to Increase Your Ring Size

Separate and Add Materials

Cut the ring and expand the ring by adding material to increase its size. 

This method is often used for platinum and gold as these metals can be welded easily.

If there is a jewel or embellishment on the piece, it must first be removed so that it will not be affected by heat.

Strike the Metal without Separating It

Strike the whole or part of the metal to increase the size. 

This method is used for rings made of materials that are difficult to weld, such as titanium and zirconium. 

This method is also used when you want to increase the size slightly, including platinum and gold. 

However, the design may change or the engraving on the inside may be destroyed.

Shave the Inside

This is a method to widen the inner diameter by scraping the inside of the ring in whole or in part. 

If the stamp is stamped on the inside, it will disappear, so make sure that you can stamp it again.

How to Reduce the Size

Cut off a Part of The Ring

It is a method of shortening the circumference and reducing the size by cutting off a part of the ring. 

This method is often used for platinum and gold as these metals can be welded easily.


Since part of the design and engraving will be lost on both the outside and inside, it is necessary to cut off the part that will be consistent after welding. 

Make sure you know where to cut when requesting.

Add Protrusions Inside the Ring to Reduce the Inner Diameter

This is a method to reduce the inner diameter by combining protrusions and parts on the inside of the ring. 

It is used when cutting or welding is not possible, such as composite ring or rare metal ring. 

It is important to note that the markings on the inside cannot be seen, and that the thickness of the ring changes.

Compress and Shrink the Whole Ring Evenly

It is a method of evenly compressing and shrinking the whole ring by tapping it into a mortar-shaped hole. 

It is used when cutting and welding are not possible and you want to leave a mark on the inside. 

This method is used when the design and volume of the ring is uniform all around and there is no embellishments or designs on the outside. 

However, it is not suitable for large size changes.

Where Can I Seek Professional Assistance?

The Shop Where You Purchased the Ring

To resize, you need to know the material of the ring. 

Therefore, it is best to consult the store where you purchased the product first. 

However, it seems that large manufacturers and brands cannot accept difficult resize orders because they need to comply with certain quality standards and manuals.

A Specialty Store That Does Jewelry Repair

Repair and remodeling specialty stores need to have a wide range of understanding and mastery of the materials and technologies used in each brand, and very high technology is required. 

Therefore, even if the manufacturer or brand refuses to resize, you may be able to resize by consulting a highly-skilled custom-made store or a repair and remodeling specialty store.


When actually requesting a resize, it is important to have a solid understanding of how it works. 

Depending on the work, the design may change a little, or the engraving or message may become lighter or change, so be sure to understand the risks before making a request.

A shop that can explain the work contents, risks, and disadvantages is considered to be a reliable shop with solid technology and knowledge.

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