5 Secrets to Keep Earlobes From Stretching

5 Secrets to Keep Earlobes From Stretching

Large bold and bulky earrings are dominating the fashion industry, just look at the jewelry trends of 2020 as seen in the spring and summer fashion shows. 

We owe it to large statement earrings and their eye-catching designs to instantly brighten up our look. 

Almost always, they will get you some type of compliments. 

Prolonged usage of heavy earrings can cause irreversible damage to your earlobes.

Stretching of the skin and sagging, are just some of the damaging issues that can happen.

But wait, before you toss out those bulky statement earrings, here are some secrets to wearing heavy earrings without elongating your earlobes.

#1 Opt for a Lighter Option

Some metals are lighter than others. For large statement earrings, choose plastic or designs that are hollowed-out. These options will significantly lighten the weight of your earrings. 

#2 Change Earrings to Clip Ons

Changing your earrings into clip ons will prevent the holes in your earlobes from stretching. With improper care for your ears, the hole in your stretched earlobe can turn into a pull. 

Converting your earrings into clip ons are super easy and will significantly lower the impact of a stretched out earring hole.

#3 Remove Once You’re Home

You should make it a habit to remove your heavy earrings once you’re home. Minimizing the usage of large bulky earrings will help you lessen the strenuous impact on your ears. 

#4 Strengthen Your Earlobes With Non-Invasive Surgery

For people that already have pulled or sagging earlobes from heavy earrings, a non-invasive surgery such as an injection can strengthen your earlobes. This type of non-invasive surgery is also a great preemptive measurement as it makes the earlobe stronger to withstand heavy earrings. 

#5 Use During Special Occasions

To add onto a previous point, you can limit your time with heavy earrings by wearing them for special occasions. Midday you can also remove your earrings and keep them in your purse to give your ears a little breather!

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