7 Vital Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep With Earrings On

7 Vital Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Earrings On


Do you have a habit of sleeping with your earrings on?

Here are 7 reasons why we recommend removing them before you go to bed. 

#1 Accumulation of Bacteria and Build-Up

In our busy, everyday lives, earring hygiene is something we hardly, if ever, think about.

But, just think about all the grease, grime, creams, and oils coming from your face and hair that can easily make its way to your earrings. 

The accumulation of filth creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and infections.

Constant friction and exposure to unclean posts can increase the chance of skin problems.

Ideally, you should clean your earrings with a disinfectant wipe after each use. 

Every once in awhile, you should also give your earrings a deep clean.

Doing this will not only prevent infections and kill off bacteria, it will also restore the original shine of your earrings. Win-win!


A nice bubble bath in warm soapy water to keep them in tip-top condition.

#2 Tarnishing

Tarnish is a thin film of corrosion found on metal. 

It can be seen on your jewelry as a dark discolouration causing jewelry to lose its shine and appear brassy or old. 

Tarnishing is an inevitable and natural process that occurs when metal is exposed to certain types of elements like oxygen, water and moisture.

Removing your earrings when not in use and storing them away properly and safely in an optimal environment can minimize the effects of tarnish. 

#3 Develop Skin Conditions

contact dermatitis

Back to our first point on the hygiene of earring posts, unclean earrings can irritate sensitive skin. 

Blisters, rashes, and contact dermatitis are some of the things that you can develop with prolonged exposure to unhygienic earrings.

Other factors like perspiration and night sweats are also key factors to why earrings should be removed before bedtime as the pH in your sweat can react adversely to your earrings.

#4 Sagging Skin

If you must wear earrings during sleep time, opt for a pair of simple studs with short posts. 

Large, heavy earrings with intricate designs can actually cause your earlobes to sag.

When you toss and turn in bed and find yourself without an earring in the morning, you may have accidentally pulled it off during sleep.


Pulled earrings are serious and can result in a split earlobe.  

#5 Snagging Bedsheets

Earrings can cause rips and snags to your bedding. 

Imagine waking up to a large rip or a hole in your bedsheets.

Regardless of whether they are expensive Egyptian cotton sheets or an inexpensive one, this can be mitigated if you take 10 seconds to remove your earrings before sleeping. 

#6 Discomfort

What’s worse than having the back of your earring post jab you in the back of the ear? 

When you toss and turn and sleep on your side, you’re sleeping directly on top of your earring.

If the posts are long, the effects of this sharp pain may even wake you up. Ouch!

You definitely don’t want to wake up to a bruise or bleeding ear or earlobe. 

#7 Damage to Jewelry

Sleeping with earrings on is one of the leading culprits to damaging jewelry. 

Embellishments in your jewelry like pearls and other stones can easily come off.

Prongs, loose stones, and settings can easily loosen causing your delicate piece to wear out much faster if you had taken them off and left them on your bed side.

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