what do ankle bracelets mean

What Do Ankle Bracelets Mean?

Some people might feel nervous about wearing anklets without knowing the meaning behind it or before knowing about this piece of jewelry a little more first. 

So today, I will give you a brief introduction on anklets including the history of anklets and meaning behind it.

What are Anklets?

Before I introduce the meaning of anklets, I would like to briefly explain them for those who are not familiar with anklets in the first place. 

It looks like a bracelet on your wrist, but it’s an accessory for your ankle.

In the winter, it is often hidden behind long pants or socks and cannot be seen.

However, it is a fashionable item that is useful in the summer when you go to the sea or walk around with bare feet. 

Unlike necklaces and rings that are easy to see, anklets are a type of subtle jewelry.

The Origin of the Anklet

Many people wear anklets as a sort of fashion statement. 

However, it seems that the meaning differs depending on which foot you wear it on – just like a ring.

There may be surprisingly very few people who even know the true meaning of anklets.

The History of the Anklet

As an accessory, the history of bracelets seems to be older.

The usage spread of anklets was said to be an amulet/talisman.

In an era when it was believed that bad things came from the ground up, talismans were attached to the ankle to give protection.

In the old days when there were no hospitals or medicine, protecting oneself was linked to saving lives.

Gems and precious stones have a history of being a prized possession.

There are many types, from high-end ones made of gold, silver, platinum, etc. to casual ones made of leather, so you can enjoy it in various ways, such as as an accessory, as a talisman, or layered.

Should I Wear My Anklet on My Right or Left Leg?

Does it really matter which leg I wear my anklet on?

Yes, it does!

Actually, wearing your anklet on your left or right foot depicts different and opposite meanings.

Let’s take a look at what they are:

If you wear it on your left ankle, it means that you are married or have a lover.

If you wear it on your right ankle, it means that you are looking for a lover. 

In addition, when worn as a pair with a lover or significant other, it has the meaning of swearing eternal love between lovers and couples.


You don’t necessarily have to put on the anklet based on its meaning.

Add it to spice up your wardrobe to give your outfit a little magic. 

There are various designs for both men and women, you’ll definitely find an anklet that suits your taste.

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