Anklets Meaning Anklets For Men - Fashion At Your Feet!

Anklets Meaning: Anklets For Men – Fashion At Your Feet!

Compared to women, men prefer to wear less accessories.

But just by casually adding anklets to your feet, your whole look will be so much more elevated. 

Especially in the summer when you can see the ankles, an anklet is surely recommended.

Even in the winter, the anklet that you can see at a slight glance gives the impression of someone that is fashion-conscious.

So, this time, I would like to introduce anklets that casually enhances your look.

Styling Anklets

Anklets are not just about being worn at the feet.

It is difficult to master if you are not used to wearing anklets. 

Therefore, I will teach you three ways to wear anklets.


Anklets are supposed to be used for outfits that reveal ankles, so it is recommended to wear them with short pants such as shorts or cropped pants.


You can create a casual impression by casually wearing anklets with a casual denim roll-up.

Also, when combined with white sneakers, it adds a nice and relaxed mood.


A pair of anklets at the feet raises awareness and draws attention to the ankles.

It’s the perfect combination for summer!

Should I Wear it on My Right Or Left Foot?

Anklets have different meanings depending on whether they are worn on the right or left foot. 

Historically, the origin of the anklet was the iron ring attached to the ankle of slaves in ancient Egyptian.
Thus, the anklet on the left foot came to mean someone’s property.

Therefore, in modern times, anklets that are worn on the left foot have the meaning of “engaged”, “married” and, “I have a lover”.

And since the meaning of the right foot is reversed, it means “looking for a lover”.

Be careful as wearing the anklet on the right foot even when you have a significant other means you are looking for an affair.

It is Important to Choose the Perfect Material For Your Anklet

I want to wear anklets on a daily basis, so I want to choose a material that suits me. 

When selecting from metal anklets, nickel, chromium, copper, cobalt, brass, etc. are materials that can easily cause metal allergies.

We recommend sterling silver or gold as they are less likely to cause allergies.

In addition, both materials are resistant to rust and scratches, so they can be worn for a long time.

Choose your materials carefully so that it doesn’t rust quickly or cause metal allergies.


Originally considered a slave iron ring, anklets are now treated as a fashion accessory. 

It is easy to use for both men and women, and if you wear it casually as a fashion statement, you will definitely come out looking like a fashion-conscious expert.

If you are looking for new accessories, you can consider anklets!

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