Anklet Meaning: Did You Know the Meaning of Your Anklet Depends on its Colour and How You Wear Them?

How often do you see people wear anklets on the street?

  • “What is an anklet?”
  • “Are there any meanings or symbolisms behind anklets?”
  • “Should I wear one?”

These are some of the questions and thoughts lots of people have!

So today, I will give you a brief introduction on anklets including the history of anklets and meaning behind it.

After reading this article, you may discover some secrets to anklets you may not have expected!

Know the Meaning of Anklets

Do you usually wear anklets? 

There are various shapes and types of anklets. 

If you know the meaning behind it, you can enjoy it even more.

Do you want to try wearing an anklet?

Meaning and History of Anklets

I have anklets and I usually wear them, but I think there are not a lot of people who understand their meaning and history.

Anklets have a few unknown meanings and a deep history.

Let’s take a look at it in detail.

What is an Anklet in the First Place?

What is an anklet in the first place? 

You might think that. 

Anklets are accessories that you put on your ankle and are kind of similar in shape to a bracelet. 

There are many types, from exquisite ones made of gold, silver, etc. to casual ones made of faux leather or beads.

Etymology of Anklets

Regarding the etymology of the word “anklet”, it seems that it is an artificial word made by connecting the word “anklet” and “bracelet”.

It seems that it was around the end of the 1700s that this word came into use.

Historical Usage of Anklets

Anklets actually have a surprising history. 

In history, women who wore anklets were usually in the profession of prostitution or it meant she was a slave.

Anklets Were Also Used By Royals?

It is said that the former slaves wore iron rings to their ankles and these were attached to chains.

But nobles such as the royal family of ancient Egypt also attached bangles to their ankles.

Historically, royals in certain civilizations may have just enjoyed anklets as an accessory

Anklets Used as Amulets

An anklet also has the meaning of amulet. 

In an era when it was believed that bad things and spirits came from the ground, anklets were useful as a talisman or amulets to protect the wearer.

In the old days when there were no hospitals or medicines, it seems that protecting oneself was linked to saving lives.

The Meaning of Anklets Differ Depending on Whether You Wore it on the Left or Right Ankle

Here, I would like to introduce the different meanings of anklets when worn on the left and right ankles.

Actually, the meanings are different depending on whether it is worn on the left or right foot.

What Does it Mean to Have an Anklet on Your Left Foot?

The meaning of wearing an anklet on the left foot means that you have a significant other.

Returning back to the previous section, it seems that in history, slaves wore the iron ring on their left ankles.

Based on this, the anklet worn on the left foot seems to mean there is a “master”.

This has evolved to mean there is a girlfriend, boyfriend, a husband or a wife.

What Does it Mean to Have an Anklet on Your Right Foot?

What does it mean to wear an anklet on your right foot?

Contrary to the previous one, the anklet on the right foot is said to represent an unmarried person who does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

It is said that those who are looking for a lover will wear an anklet on their right foot.

Be Careful of How You Wear Your Anklet

When you wear an anklet, the meaning will be completely different depending on whether you wear it on your left or right ankle. 

If a married person or a person with a significant other wears an anklet on their right foot instead of their left foot, it means they are looking for a lover.

Some people do not know the meaning of the anklet on the left and right, but considering that it may be seen in that way, it can be said that it is worth knowing.

Meaning of Anklets Depending on Their Colour

Here, I would like to introduce the meaning of anklets by colour. 

The anklet has a different meaning on the left and right, but in fact it also has a meaning based on its colour.

It is also good to know the meaning of each colour and incorporate it into your life accordingly. 

If you have a desire to fulfill, choose an anklet based on its colour.

Orange Anklet: Strengthen the Bond of Friendship

The orange anklet is said to be related to friendship. 

You can also give an orange anklet as a proof of friendship. 

It is also recommended for those who want to make more friends.

Yellow Anklet: Prosperity and Good Fortune

Yellow anklets are recommended when you want to be richer or save more money.

Also, the yellow anklet has a meaning of sociability, so if you tend to stay inside, you should wear the yellow anklet when you go out.

Brown Anklet: Build Familial Relationships

The meaning of the brown anklet represents luck and relationship with family. 

It is a good idea to wear it when you want to improve the relationship with your family or when you are going to build a new family. 

You can expect to prevent family disagreements and build better family relationships by wearing a brown anklet.

Red Anklet: Luck with Business Relations

The red anklet means work luck or game luck. 

It is perfect when going for a work interview or before proceeding with a work contract.

Pink Anklet: Growing Romantic Relationships

Pink anklets have meanings such as luck with love or marriage.

A pink anklet is recommended for those who are about to start marriage or who already have a specific partner. 

It may lead to a smooth marriage.

If you've been away from a romantic relationship for a while, bring back your luck with love by wearing a pink anklet.

Green Anklet: For Good Health

The green anklet has the meaning of good luck and healing. 

Recommended for those who have been suffering from poor physical condition for many years and those who want to stay healthy in the future. 

It's green and has a healing effect, so you can feel good just by wearing and looking at it.

Blue Anklet: For Those Who Want to Work Hard and Long at Their Current Job

The blue anklet has a meaning of work luck. 

The red anklet also had a meaning of work luck, but this is recommended for those who want to continue their current work more stably.

Silver Anklet: Improve Your Current Status

The silver anklet means fortune or status luck. 

Fortune has come out with yellow anklets, but silver is also possible. 

It is a colour using silver that has been useful to people with high status since ancient times, so it is good to add it when you want to enhance your image.

Black Anklet: Save Your Money with a Black Anklet

The black anklet has the meaning of savings. 

If you are always short of money, why not try wearing a black anklet? 

It also means a secret, so it is recommended that a couple with a secret relationship wear black anklets.

Gold Anklet: If You are Worried, Try Choosing a Gold Anklet

The gold anklet has the meaning of purification and health. 

Gold anklets look great on any outfit. 

When you are worried, it's a good idea to choose a gold anklet first.

I Want to Know The Meaning of My Anklet

So far, I have seen various things such as the history of anklets, wearing anklets on the left or the right ankle, and different colours of anklets.

But, what about the unexpected meaning of anklets?

A Pair of Anklets

A couple who is dating may wear a pair anklet. 

Since these pair of anklet is attached to the ankle, it seems that it is also used when you do not want to make the relationship public because it is difficult for other people to see.

In addition, it is said that the anklet pair may be attached with the wish that two people will be connected in the next world.

What if the Anklet Breaks?

Not just with anklets, but when a ring, or a necklace breaks or is cut off, doesn’t it usually mean something wrong is happening?

However, it can also be said that this is a new turning point in life or seen as a substitute for bad things.

So, it seems that you can think positively without being afraid more than necessary.

Meaning of Motif Attached to an Anklet

Anklets come in a variety of designs. 

From simple ones to those with various motifs or embellishments. 

Each motif has its own meaning. 

Why don't you add a motif to the anklet that has the meaning you want to achieve?

  • Heart: Love, or marriage
  • Ribbon: Strengthen bonds and relationships
  • Stars: Health or wealth
  • Moon: Fortune, affection and growth
  • Feather: Improves the mood of the wearer
  • Cross: Health, longevity, vitality, and quick recovery from illness
  • Four-leaf clover: Good luck
  • Flowers: Happiness and beauty
  • Horseshoe: Good luck charm
  • Butterflies: Beauty
  • Cat: Talisman for Good luck


It turned out that the anklet was worn by slaves from ancient Roman times, and was also used as an accessory by royal aristocrats, regardless of age or sex.

I found it very interesting because the meaning of the anklet also changes depending on whether it is worn on the right or left foot.

The color of the anklet is also meaningful.

If you are interested in anklets, why not use the meaning in this article to find the perfect anklet?

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