What Is Cubic Zirconia

What Is Cubic Zirconia? 5 Reasons Why Smart People Buy CZ

You’ve probably heard lots about cubic zirconia or CZ in terms of jewelry, but what is it really?  

If you don’t already know about this synthetic gem, we recommend reading through this quick guide for everything you need to know about cubic zirconia from how it is created and why it is such a great option for jewelry.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is a colorless, manmade gem that appears to look like a diamond. Although they look similar, they are made up of different mineral structures.

Cubic zirconia is most often created in labs, however, rarely, it can also be found in nature. 

Can you tell which one is cubic zirconia and which one is a diamond?

The red one is a cubic zirconia while the silver one is a diamond.

They look similar, don’t they?

Cubic zirconia is a commonly used diamond simulate and is by far the most realistic. 

Synthetic diamonds are also lab-created, however, they are not cubic zirconia.

 Synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds share the same mineral structure, whereas cubic zirconia does not.

How is Cubic Zirconia Made?

Cubic zirconia is made of melting powered zirconium with a stabilizing agent at over 4000ºF for many hours.These crystals are then cut and polished, there are many ways to cut a CZ crystal to mimic the shape of a diamond. 

How is Cubic Zirconia Made?

Why should you consider cubic zirconia over diamonds and other gemstones? 

What makes this synthetic gem such a viable candidate for jewelry? 

There are many reasons why cubic zirconia make great embellishment pieces for fine high-quality jewelry.

Cubic zirconia is a manmade gemstone that is an inclusion-free stone, making it flawless and deemed by some to be “too perfect”

5 Reasons Why Smart People Buy CZ


Cubic zirconia rate 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness (the perfect score is a 10).

Because cubic zirconia is manmade, they offer durability and are perfect options for everyday jewelry. 

With proper care, jewelry adorned with cubic zirconia crystals can last for many, many years.



White cubic zirconia is equivalent to the diamond’s perfect D-color. 

Most diamonds have a brownish or yellowish tint to them. Only the rarest diamonds are colourless (D-colour). 

Coloured cubic zirconia is available and comes in an array of colours, like ruby,sapphire, andemeralds.


Cubic zirconia will not rust. 

With that being said, like all jewelry, we recommend removing them before doing any water-related activities like swimming, taking a bath or washing dishes. 

Although cubic zirconia will not rust, do keep in mind though that the setting of your jewelry can rust.


The sparkle of a diamond is what makes it so magnificent and so expensive.

The beautiful dispersion or the refraction in the diamond from sunlight is how it gets its brilliant shine.

Each movement causes different colours to be viewed by the eye. Cubic zirconia gemstones also have a high dispersion, in fact, it has an even higher dispersion index than diamonds. 

Diamond: 0.044
Cubic zirconia: 0.058-0.066

If you think a diamond is bright and shiny, just think about much a cubic zirconia will sparkle under sunlight.


A great catalyst for us, is the affordability of this stone. 

Cubic zirconia is a fraction of the price of diamond. 

The average price of a 1.5 carat diamond ring costs $9000 while a 1.5 carat cubic zirconia ring costs under $200.

The significant price difference between the synthetic cubic zirconia and the occurring diamond, is a major factor why many people opt for a cubic zirconia stone jewelry instead. 

Now that you know what cubic zirconia is and why it is such a wonderful option for jewelry, check out some of our affordable unique jewelry crafted from CZ.

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