Pearls as Gifts

Pearls as Gifts: Myths and Meaning Behind This Luxurious Gem

Pearls are a common motif in jewelry because of its majestic and timeless look.

Its beauty is attributed to how they are the only gemstones to be created by a living organism. 

Symbolism of Pearls

Pearls are familiar classics because they are easy to coordinate and versatile.

They are the perfect accessories for a wide variety of different occasions, from formal to casual. 

From its shape, there are many different theories of how the word came to be.

One theory is that the word “pearl” came from the Latin word, “perla” which means “pear”.


Pearls signify eternal and everlasting love.

It symbolizes the attraction between two people and love for each other. 

Besides romantic relationships, pearls also illustrate love for relatives, family members, friends and companions.

The reason why pearl necklaces are used to symbolize love is because of their seamless and circular shape.


Pearls are also known as “the tears of the moon” and are often used to illustrate tears.

Perhaps because of this, the Queen of some countries wear pearls at funerals. 

Women of upper class societies also followed suit, which made this trend popular.

Wearing pearls, which are considered to be a symbolism of tears can be said to show respect for the deceased and their bereaved families.

Meaning Behind Pearls

The meaning of the pearl stone is abundant. 

Some include health, innocence, longevity, wealth, perfection, etc. 



Blue pearls symbolize determination, trying your best and giving it your all. 

In the past, the blue pearl is used for charms to overcome personal limits.


Black pearls are pure and unique. 

It symbolizes persistence and never giving up your beliefs.

It was believed that black pearls had the power to help people adapt to their environment and surroundings without changing their core beliefs even in the face of adversity and opposition.


Gold pearls are rare and valuable. 

They are collected from golden white pearl oysters near the waters of the Philippines. 

Gold pearls symbolize luxury, elegance and comfortable living. 


White pearls symbolize purity. 

They are mesmerizing and can captivate the body and soul of loved ones. 

The atmosphere around white pearls is soft and affectionate. 


Pink pearls symbolize femininity and gentleness. 

Pink is a romantic colour, and coupled with the meaning behind pearls, pink pearls exude a soft and friendly vibe. 


The size of the pearl that suits you will vary depending on your age. 

It is said that the younger the age, the smaller and cuter the pearls should appear.

Whereas, the older the person, larger and brighter pearls would match better. 


For a clean and neat impression, you may want to choose pearls that are 7-7.5mm in size. 

First-time pearl wearers in their early 20’s may look like they are wearing a “borrowed” item, if they wear something that is too big.

So don’t overdo it and choose the right size.


For people in their 30’s, 8mm is the perfect choice. 

This size is not too flashy, but still gives off a gorgeous appearance. 

It is an easy-to-use size for people who have many occasions to wear it to. 


With a size of 8 mm or more, the pearl shine brightens the face area and enhances the appeal.

The Allure of Pearls and Femininity

Pearls symbolize and celebrate the beauty of women.

Pearls have been popular as jewelry for women since ancient times.

The power of “beauty” and “health” has been passed down since ancient times.

Pearls bring out the inner beauty of the wearer.

By looking at the pearls, the round and lustrous jewels relax your mind and body.

Pearls and Wedding Jewelry

Pearls have been revered since the beginning of time.

Their shape, lustre, colour and its origins are only some of the reasons why we find this beautiful gemstone so alluring.

Pearls have a subtle elegance and simplicity that some other gemstones just don’t have, which makes it an ideal choice as a wedding jewelry. 

Their appearance is not only the reason why they are sought after as wedding jewelry, pearls are also a symbolism of love.

Besides, 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries, pearls are usually given as traditional gifts to brides.

Cleopatra and Pearls

Since history, there are many myths and stories surrounding pearls. 

One of my favourites is the story of Cleopatra. 

The ancient Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, was said to have loved wearing emeralds. 

She had two large pearl earrings. The size of the pearls was said to be the largest in the world at that time.

One day, when the Roman army, lead by the Roman general “Antonius”, came to Egypt, he enjoyed luxurious banquets every day. 

Cleopatra said to Antonius, “this is not a real luxury. Let me show you a more luxurious feast.”

The next night, Cleopatra held a grand banquet, but the Romans did not find it amazing. 

A disappointed Antonius asked, “Where is the luxury?”

Cleopatra then asked the maid to prepare a cup of vinegar, and threw one of her pearl earrings into it. 

The pearl, the biggest of its kind in the world at that time, melted into the drink.

It would have been worth the kingdom.

In front of the amazed Romans, she drank the vinegar and pearl concoction. 

This story illustrates the beauty of pearls in early history and that their value was recognized all over the world.

When to Gift Pearls

Pearl is one of the three official birthstones of June.

The white lush pearl symbolizes purity and clarity. Pearls make a great gift for anyone with a birthday in June.

Pearls are usually given as traditional gifts to brides, 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries.

Ancient Babylonians even believed that pearls had life-giving powers.

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