Pave Jewelry Everything You'll Want to Know Before Buying

Pave Jewelry: Everything You’ll Want to Know Before Buying

Pavé design jewelry is attractive for its glitz and glam.

One of the charms of the pave design is that it can be used for a long time regardless of age. 

Everything You Need to Know About The Pave Design

Today, I will introduce the meaning, appeal, and precautions for handling pavé. 

If you are considering pavé design jewelry, you’ll want to read today’s blog post.

“Pave” means “paving stone” or a “stone pavement” in French.

As its name suggests, it is a design that uses a method of attaching stones, which is beautifully spread with small-sized diamonds 


The charm of the pave design is to maximize the brilliance of diamonds.

There are innumerable small micro diamonds, and it has a gorgeous and beautiful presence.

In the case of a ring, the strength of the shine is obvious at a glance when compared to a single diamond design. 

The appeal of the pave design is that while it’s gorgeous, it has an aspect that is easy to use in everyday life.

Since there is no protrusions, it will not get caught easily. 

If you choose a design that suits your style, you can easily use it as daily jewelry.


There are some precautions to take when wearing pavé designs.

As the pavé design is made by laying out small micro diamonds, dirt can easily collect in the grooves. 

Therefore, pave designs require regular cleaning.

After wearing it, wipe it with a soft cloth, or if it becomes dirty, have it cleaned at the shop where you purchased it to regain its shine.

Also, when wearing a pavé ring, it is important not to do vigorous activities.

Diamond is known as a hard mineral, but it is not so strong in impact that it can be chipped. 

It’s hard to notice because it’s lined with diamonds, but if the cloudiness of the diamond doesn’t disappear after wiping, it’s a good idea to have it checked at the shop where you purchased it for cleaning. 

Different Types of Pave Settings 


Diamonds used in a pave setting that are smaller than 0.01 carats are considered a micro pave.

Micro pave settings are usually used for thin bands.  

A micro pave diamond band will many times consist of 100 diamonds or more


The French pave is slightly different from the classic pave setting as each diamond is set into a small V-shaped space in the ring.  

This V-shaped space allows for more of the diamond to be exposed resulting in a pave setting with more of a sparkle. 


Petite pave rings are different from the classic pave setting because the metal prongs used to hold the diamonds are much smaller. 

With smaller metal prongs, each diamond is more visible.

It’s another great setting to achieve a greater shine. 

Pros and Cons of Pave Settings



A large diamond situated in a micro pave setting with a thin line of small sparkling diamonds will be sure to captivate the allure of the centre stone.


There are so many different types of pave designs.

Whether you are into traditional designs or modern designs, surely, there will be a style that will catch your eye. 


The pave setting is an affordable and subtle way to add sparkle to a ring.



If the small stones are set around the full band, it can be difficult to resize.


There is a small chance that the small stones may fall off.  

How to Choose Pave Design Jewelry 


The image of pave designs can change immensely based on what kind of material is selected.

Depending on the metal of your pave jewelry, a sense of casualness or formality can be exuded.

Therefore, choose the metal of your jewelry based on the style you are going for. 

Gold and platinum are recommended for women who are going for a more mature and serious look. 

It is of high quality and has a sense of class, and enhances the dignity of those who wear it.

First of all, the rich variety of gold is attractive. 

Colours include pink gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

Each has its own charm, so we recommend using them according to your coordination.

Pink gold creates a feminine look, while yellow gold offers a healthy appeal. 

In addition, white gold gives a soft yet calm impression.

Platinum is a rare and special material.

It is characterized by its white and pure brilliance, and has an excellent compatibility with diamonds.

Platinum is harder and cooler than white gold, which also has a white glow. 


One of the reasons why pave design is so attractive is its wide variety of designs.

For those who place the most importance on the gorgeousness of pave design, we recommend that you use a design in which the entire surface is lined with small micro diamonds.

The centre stone is surrounded by small micro diamonds that are spread all around to highlight the focal diamond in the centre.

Depending on the size and how brightly the diamond shines, it will give off a sense of elegance and delicacy.

In addition, the impression of your jewelry can change depending on the size and thickness of the ring’s band.

It’s a good idea to check the overall balance as well as the design.

Especially when wearing necklaces and rings, it will be a good idea to consider the compatibility of the design with your jewelry piece.


If you want to wear pavé jewelry on a daily basis, delicate and simple items are recommended. 

If you want to wear it for a special day, check out something with major shine and sparkle. 

Depending on the dress or attire you plan to wear, choose one with eye-catching elements.

If you want to use it on or off, a modest pave design is recommended.

Choose something with a gentle sparkle, and when it’s time to wear it, layer and add on other pieces.


I personally love the beautiful yet subtle eye-catching design.

In fact, my own wedding band is also set in pave diamonds.

So, what are your thoughts on pave diamonds?

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