Meaning of Ankle Bracelet: What is the Effect of Wearing an Anklet?

There are many reasons why anklets are popular today.

Not just as a fashion statement, but for other reasons too!

It’s a subtle accessory that many people can wear and incorporate into their outfits.

In this article, we will introduce to you some hidden meanings of anklets!

It is Said to Improve Friendship

When you want a best friend or want to strengthen your relationship with friends, it is said that it is effective to put it on your dominant foot. 

It is said that wearing anklets are great for when you are fighting with your friend or when relationship with your friends have deteriorated. 

The dominant foot is the foot that kicks the ball or the foot that naturally rises when cross-legged.

Improve Your Fortune

When you want to increase your luck and fortune, it is said that it is effective to wear it on the non-dominant foot.

If you need the money you've saved, such as when planning a trip, it's a good idea to put the anklet on your non-dominant foot.
There is a belief that by doing this, money will come from unexpected places. 

If you are in trouble with money, you should put it on your non-dominant foot.

What is the Difference Between Wearing it on Your Right and Left Ankle?

When You Wear Your Anklet on Your Left Foot

If you wear your anklet on your left ankle, it means that you have a lover or are married. 

In ancient Egypt, an iron ring was attached to the left foot of a slave, so when it was attached to the left ankle, it has a historical meaning of being “someone’s property”.

When You Wear Your Anklet on Your Right Foot

If you wear your anklet on the right ankle, it means “looking for a lover". 

If you have a lover and you put it on your right foot, it means "I'm looking for a partner to have an affair with”, so be careful where you wear your ankle on.

What Do Anklet Colours Mean?

Red Means Success with Work or a Sports Match

The red anklet, which is a popular colour of passion means “work luck” or “game luck”.

It’s a colour I would recommend to those who wish for success in work or a competition.

Students may want to try it at a sports festival or for club activities.

It’s a colour that is easy for both men and women to wear, so it’s great to match with friends!

Pink is the Colour of the Cupid

Pink is thought to give luck in relationships - love, marriage, etc. 

Pink anklets have many beautiful and cute designs, so it’ll be a great idea to collect them as accessories!

Pink gold is gorgeous and a great option for anklets.

Brown Symbolizes Home Peace

Brown is a calm colour, which is said to give “home peace”.

There are many anklets with designs that are easy for both men and women to wear, such as natural tones. 

I think there are many people who like these neutral tones as they are easy to incorporate into their everyday fashion style.

The Brilliant Bright Yellow Has the Meaning of “Fortune” and “Sociability”

Yellow, the colour of gold, has the meaning of "fortune" and "sociability".

The bright and refreshing yellow colour also means "sociability". 

If there is a bright and dazzling yellow glow at your feet, it will brighten up your day! 

If you wear it to the beach in the summer, the yellow anklet will shine beautifully in the marine blue.

Green Has the Meaning of Peace, Such as “Health” and “Luck”

Green, which is popular as the colour of peace, has the meaning of "health” and “luck”.

The design looks great with beautiful outfits.

Find your favourite green, from pale green to dark green.

The Intellectual Image of Blue Gives Off “Work Luck” and “Flowering Talent”

Blue, which is popular as a cool colour, has the meaning of “work luck” and flowering talent.

Innocent and Clean White for the Wish of “Purification”

The white colour seems to have a wish for "purification".

There are various designs from thin and delicate designs to designs with a strong presence like symbols or embellishments.

Silver Has the Wish of “Money Luck” and “Status Luck”

Silver seems to be a wish for "money luck" and "status luck". 

It is a convincing wish for silver, which is popular as a metallic colour.

Since it’s quite versatile, what about adding anklets to your silver accessory collection?

It Seems That Black Has the Meaning of “Savings” and “Secret”

Black, which is often used in everyday outfits, has the meaning of "savings" and "secrets”.

The black anklet makes the outfit look cool and casual from your feet.
It's a recommended item for both men and women.


You don't necessarily have to put on the anklet based on its meaning.

Add it to spice up your wardrobe to give your outfit a little magic. 

There are various designs for both men and women, you’ll definitely find an anklet that suits your taste.

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