4 Styling Tips on What Jewelry to Wear With Wedding Dress

Your big day is coming up!  

You’ve already picked out the perfect wedding dress. 

Now, you just need some jewelry and accessories to add that extra sparkle to that perfect dress.

There are so many factors to consider when picking out your wedding jewelry, such as the neckline of your dress and the shade of your dress.


wedding dress

#1 Different Type of Necklines

There are a number of necklines available for wedding dresses. 

This large assortment of necklines is great since it allows for so many readily-available wedding dress designs in the marketplace. 

However, the amount of choices can also be overwhelming and dizzying.

By identifying which neckline your dress features will help you pick out the most appropriate jewelry to help bring out the elegance of your dress without overpowering it.

Let’s take a look at a few different necklines:

i. Queen Anne Neckline

The Queen Anne neckline is characterized by a dipped neckline and a high collar in the back.

ii. Sweetheart

The sweetheart neckline features a heart-shaped bodice design. Wedding dresses with this neckline elongates the neck and allows the appearance of long vertical distance between neck and chest. 

iii. Bateau

The bateau neckline, also called the boatneck, runs horizontally along the collarbone and stops wide on each side. 

iv. High Neck

The high neckline, as the name suggests, sits at the nape of the neck

v. Jewel

The jewel neckline is a rounded neckline without a collar

Our Recommendations
  • The above five necklines look great paired with simple simple studs or small drop earrings. If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your dress, a pair of diamond or cubic zirconia spheres are perfect.
  • A pair of simple luscious white pearls is another elegant choice. Pearls make great wedding jewelry because of its majestic and timeless look.
  • If you’re looking for a splash of colours, a pair of ruby studs or short drops will add that subtle pop of colour that brings life to your look without overpowering the main focus: your dress!

vi. Off-Shoulder

As the name suggests, the off-shoulder features a wide neckline that exposes both shoulders.

vii. Halter-Strap

For the neckline, the front of the garment runs to the back, leaving the majority of the back exposed.

viii. Illusion

An illusion neckline is created by sheer fabric, embroidery, or lace at the top of the bodice.

Our Recommendations

These three necklines look great with a pair of statement earrings, for example intricate chandelier earrings. This type of jewelry will help balance out your overall look. 

#2 The Colour of Your Dress

While most wedding dresses are white, there are many different variations of the colour. 

Determining the undertone of your dress will help you choose the best metals to go with your dress.

i. White

If your dress is pure white or close to pure white with no hue, pair your dress with platinum or silver metal plating jewelry. This will give off a classy look.

ii. Ivory

Ivory dresses have a slight tint of yellow. This makes gold jewelry an ideal choice to highlight the creamy ivory colour of your dress.

iii. Silver

The undertone of dresses that have a hint of silver is bluish and greyish hues. Pair dresses this colour with silver jewelry for a stunning look!

iv. Blush

Dresses with subtle hints of pink look best with rose gold jewelry as it brings out a romantic and feminine vibe to your look.

#3 Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have been revered since the beginning of time. Their shape, lustre, colour and its origins are only some of the reasons why we find this beautiful gemstone so alluring.

Pearls have a subtle elegance and simplicity that other gemstones just don’t have, which makes it an ideal choice as a wedding jewelry. 

Besides, 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries, pearls are usually given as traditional gifts to brides. You might be receiving a lot of new pearl jewelry, a great way to showoff some during the wedding! 

#4 Keep it Simple and Be Yourself

The most important thing when choosing wedding jewelry is that should be a reflection of yourself. 

If you usually don’t wear a lot of jewelry, don’t deck yourself from head to toe with diamonds on your wedding day. 

Wear something you’re comfortable and feel good in!

Looking for some affordable wedding jewelry or affordable jewelry for bridesmaids? Check out our collection, we're sure you'll find something you'll love. 

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