Key Factors for Choosing a New Charging Cable

Key Factors for Choosing a New Charging Cable

Is the charger you bought a few weeks ago not working again? Likely, everyone has already encountered charging cables that break and get worn out way too easily. Here are some tips you need to know before investing in a new charging cable.

Key Factors for Choosing a New Charging Cable
Key Factors for Choosing a New Charging Cable

10  Things You Need To Consider Before Purchasing

1. Know The Cable’s Compatibility To Your Device

Ensure that the charging cable you choose is compatible with your device, it is most likely that your device won’t be able to charge when the cable used is incompatible. The following connections may be included with your charging cables:

  • Micro USB Type B
  • USB Type C
  • Lightning

2. Cable Length

Most would find longer cables more convenient however, longer wires would more likely be heavier to move around with and are prone to getting tangled. Shorter wires, however, are simpler to handle but would not offer enough flexibility in movement. It is advisable to think about when you will use the charging cable or have Charging Cables for various purposes.

3. Cable Durability

An excellent charging cable should not break easily and be able to endure regular or daily use. Seek out charging cables made out of premium materials like braided nylon, which is stronger than plastic. 

4. Charging Speed

Choosing the right kind of charging cable will affect the charging speed, some would take longer to charge compared to USB-C cords like a micro-USB cable. That being the case, some lightning cables would also be faster than others.

5. Check For Minor Details

Look out for the minor details that make your charging cable more durable. For example, an extra padding at the ends of your cable. The most common charging cable problem is that the ends tend to break first, so finding a charging cable with this detail would be advantageous in the long run. 

6. Thickness Of The Charging Cable

Generally, thicker cables are more durable compared to cables that are on the thinner side. The durability and how fast your phone charges are affected by the thickness of its charging cable.

7.  Check The Charging Cable Connector

Your charging cable’s longevity and compatibility may also be impacted by the way its connectors are designed. Some connectors may be loose and prone to falling out while others are made to tightly fit into the charging port of your device. Other connectors may also be made only to function with particular covers or cases.

8. Material Of Cable

The material used in the charging cables and its correlation to the effectiveness of the charger is also an important factor to consider. For outdoor use and extremely cold temperatures, rubber-made charging cables are more likely to function better. Nylon ones are also better and more durable in comparison to those made with plastic.

9. Know Where You’re Buying From

Some companies and websites are known for their charging cables. Before making a purchase, consider reading other customers’ reviews. Ensure that you are buying from brands that are known and have a proven streak of selling  high-quality charging cables 

10. Charging Cable Price 

Everyone knows that price is and will always be an important factor when buying something, especially when the thing you are purchasing is an investment. Though it is inevitable to spend a little more on charging cables to ensure quality, it is also best to research for good deals and get your money’s worth.

Ready To Choose Your New Charging Cable?

The best kind of charging cable ultimately relies on your personal needs and preferences. Charging cable shopping could be a hassle and very tedious especially if you want the best but considering the benefits of purchasing a high-quality cable, it is cost and time-efficient. Taking care of and storing your charging cables will ultimately lengthen its longevity.

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