What Is Statement Jewellery? Statement Pieces for Everyday Wear

What Is Statement Jewellery?

The Meaning of Statement Jewellery

Statement jewelry, also known as large-sized jewelry, are trending.
The size emphasizes the individuality of the wearer.
Unlike mature, simple, and small jewelry that you cannot see from afar, statement jewelry with large and unique designs have a presence as if you were wearing a stole or a scarf and accentuates the wearer’s face. 

Statement Costume Jewellery

Before the statement jewelry that we know of today, large accessories were often called “costume jewelry”.
However, the meaning and interpretation of costume jewelry has changed.

A Long History

Did you know that statement jewelry actually has a long history?

The “Golden Age” of statement jewelry was thought to be in the 1930s and 1940s, but in fact, the boom was likely during the background of the recession.

Nowadays, when large jewelry accessories such as glass and fake pearls are available on the market, people are looking for larger and bigger designs while at an affordable price.

Types of Statement Jewelry

Different Statement Jewelry Styles

Statement Earrings

A statement earring is a large earring, such as an earring that is larger than the ear or a piercing that is long enough to fit on the shoulder.
Statement earrings are eye-catching and draw immediate attention to the face.

Statement Rings

A statement ring is a large and attractive ring. 
It is much larger than an original or standard ring.

Statement Necklaces

A statement necklace combines voluminous layers of ribbons or strings.
Statement jewelry is said to be the reason behind the boom of the recession that began around 2008.
Although statement jewelry is large and gorgeous, some can cost less than $100. 
It’s a great way to meet the needs of people who are looking for large gorgeous pieces while staying within a budget. 

Colours of Statement Jewelry

There is no guidelines on what colours are used for statement jewelry. 
You can see an array of colours. 
From bold bright colours, to soft pastel hues, and monotone or solid colours. 

Colours are powerful tools used to manipulate emotions and impact perception.

When putting together an outfit, you’ll want to pay close attention to the colour choices of your ensemble. 
Poor colour choices will result in an outfit that is disproportionate and potentially awkward. However, when done correctly, your pieces will complement each other and you’ll look remarkable!

Shapes of Statement Jewelry

There is a vast selection of shapes used in statement jewelry. 
Statement jewelry can be loud and overpowering, hence you’d expect the shapes to be too. 
From rows and rows of beading, to large geometric shapes and various different motifs, the shapes used to create statement jewelries are endless. 

Material of Statement Jewelry

There is no restriction on what statement jewelry materials can be used.
The materials can be plastic, metal, rhinestone, glass, cloth, lace, ribbon, strings, leather, wood, etc. 
Anything can be used!
Large fine statement jewelry are worn by the rich and famous. 
But a large, thick, chunky pure 24K gold chain necklace is not affordable for most. 
Most people choose a more economic option instead. 
Instead of metal statement jewelry, plastics, ribbons, etc. are a much affordable alternative.

Statement Wedding Jewelry

Statement jewelry and necklaces make great accents to simple wedding gowns. 
They really give off a “wow” factor to your whole entire bridal look.
For earrings, take a look at your hairstyle and choose accordingly. 
For hair left down, a pair of simple studs or drops will look great. 
However, for an undo, a pair of dramatic statement earrings will look gorgeous. 

Statement Jewelry for Everyday Wear

Of course, for many people statement jewelry may be too large, dramatic and gorgeous for everyday wear. 
Check out our affordable everyday jewelry collection that features statement jewelry for everyday wear. 


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