6 Tips on Elevating Any Look With Affordable Everyday Jewelry

Accessories are a crucial addition to your outfit as it helps pull your whole look together. 

Dress up an otherwise bleak outfit with some statement earrings or add a little sparkle to your look with some simple studs.

Have fun and experiment with your jewelry to let it illustrate your unique personality.

#1 Mix and Match Jewelry Colours

To make your warm-toned gold jewelry stand out even more, try pairing it with other cooler-toned metals like silver.

Your gold statement earrings will pop when you introduce a few contrasting colours like a silver-toned bracelet or a silver necklace! 


woman with jewelry

#2 Keep Nails Neat and Tidy

Always keep your nails clean and tidy. You want to draw attention to your new silver ring and not to your dirty, unkempt nails.

Take a few minutes to cut your nails short and file them so all ten fingers look nice and even.

If you can spare a few extra minutes, polish them with a bit of clear varnish so they don’t chip easily.


Whether you are wearing a statement ring or stacks of simple rings, clean and smooth nails will allow the jewelry on your fingers to shine!


polished nails

#3 Think About Your Overall Look

What kind of look are you going for? How will you be doing your hair? These are a few factors that should be  considered when you choose your jewelry. 

If your outfit features loud prints, opt for some simple earrings that can help subdue your look and pull it together. If you are going for a casual jeans and t-shirt look, try something adventurous like adding a splash of colour or large statement gold earrings.

Remember, the role of your jewelry is to enhance your outfit and not to compete with it!

three women

#4 Always Accessorize

To add a bit of excitement to your outfit, always accessorize a little. It brings the much needed “wow” factor to your look.

Add some statement gold hoops to your all-black outfit to give your classic look a little edge. 


Mirielle Trilogy Hoops

#5 Consider the Neckline of Your Outfit

Use a necklace to complement the neckline of your clothing.

For clothing with a deep V-neck, opt for a statement necklace to adorn this space.

Your necklace should enhance your outfit and not act as a distraction to what you are wearing.


v-neck with necklace

#6 Pick Earrings That Complement Your Face

Depending on your face shape, earrings can make your face appear longer, thinner, wider or more angular than it really is.

Because of its close proximity to our faces, earrings have the ability to highlight our best facial features.

Knowing the shape of your face will allow you to pick the perfect pair of earrings to flatter your face. 


gold earrings

Undeniably, jewelry play such a vital role in bringing our wardrobe to life. 

Hopefully, these quick and easy tips will give you some idea on how you can accessorize your outfit the next time you head out. Have fun and explore the different looks you can achieve with different jewelry!

Come take a look at our affordable everyday jewelry, where we're sure you'll find something you'll love. 

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