The Only Guide to Styling Minimalist Jewelry You Will Ever Need

In recent years, the concept of ‘decluttering’ has once again become the latest trend.  This concept can also be applied to jewelry worn everyday. 

Even fashion legend, Coco Chanel once stated, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Gone are the days of oversized and accessories, this guide will teach you how to use the fewest jewelry pieces to maximize the potential of your outfit.

So, Why Choose Simple Jewelry?

For many fashionistas, jewelry is equally important as the outfit itself.  The difficult part is finding the right balance between focusing on the jewelry pieces and focusing on the ensemble.



By pairing only a few pieces to your clothes, jewelry will no longer overshadow your outfit as a whole and give your outfit a clean, crisp look.  It will act as a simple accent piece to brighten up your ensemble.



Even if you are not wearing a lot of jewelry, the pieces you choose can emphasize your outfit to the style you would like to portray.  For example, one simple pair of diamond earrings can glam up your date night outfit.



Let’s be honest, there are times when wearing jewelry can be a pain.  Whether it’s earrings too heavy that they feel like they’re stretching your earlobes or too many pieces creating too much clutter – we’ve all been there.  Why not make your life easier by wearing less jewelry?



Last but not least, the matter of cost.  Wearing less jewelry means buying less jewelry which translates to more money saved, which in a post-pandemic world – who wouldn't appreciate?  Conversely, buying less jewelry translates to more money saved to buy more simple jewelry pieces, for all those who dabble in retail therapy - who wouldn’t appreciate?


The How-To’s of Choosing Minimalist Jewelry

Now that you’ve been fully convinced (or getting there), you’re probably wondering – which pieces of simple jewelry should I choose?


Tip #1: Sparkle

A piece that sparkles is always a good idea.  Not only is it simple and complements the outfit, all eyes are on you when it sparkles brightly.  We recommend the Isla CZ Bezel Necklace for a simple, but unforgettable addition to your outfit.

Tip #2: Accent Piece

Wearing one accent piece may not sound like much, but its addition creates a sense of delicacy to your outfit.  For those looking to add a touch of glamour to their coordinate, we recommend the Cora Petite Pearl Dangle Studs.

Tip #3: Length

For those who do not particularly focus on style, you can use the length of a piece of simple jewelry to emphasize your facial features.  For example, long earrings can elongate the face.  The fun feeling of long jewelry fluttering around in the wind is also a plus! We recommend the Camila Braided Dainty Gold Hoops for those who are focusing on the length of the jewelry piece.

The One-Item Method

When styling minimalist jewelry, the cohesiveness of an outfit is the most important, remember to keep in mind the colors, fabric, style of the clothes you are wearing and choose one jewelry piece that would match the vibe of your attire.


It is also important to consider the movement of the jewelry.  Some longer pieces or dangle earrings create movement that can bring attention to you.  Imagine this, you’re wearing many jewelry pieces that have dangle parts to them.  Having all the jewelry move along with you and create sound as you walk – that is not the ideal look you want especially if you are trying to style minimalist jewelry.  That is why your best bet is to choose one jewelry item especially if it is long or cause a lot of movement.


Comprehensive Guide to Styling Simple Jewelry in Every Situation

For Errand-Runs Where You Still Want To Look Put Together 

So you’re sick of bumping into acquaintances while dressed like a slob on a quick grocery run, we’ve all been there.  The best way to put together a clean, casual ensemble is to pair a monochrome sweatsuit with a pair of matte gold earrings.  This shows you’re tackling simple, day-to-day tasks like a boss and in good style too! 

For the Office Worker Who Puts Equal Amount of Work In Their Outfit

There are often many restrictions when it comes to office attire.  Your best bet for dressing in style without getting a warning from HR for excessive accessories would be to pair a white blouse with an accent pendant that peeks out at the collar.  Your boss may work hard, but this fashionista works harder!

For Black Tie Events Where You Want to Outshine Everyone

The tricky thing with formal events is that everyone is breaking out their best jewelry to outshine each other.  Why not outshine by dressing down?  You’ll be the talk of town by pairing an all-black ensemble with a pair of intricate earrings. 

For the Wild Partiers

Wearing jewelry while living your best life is one of the most difficult things to do.  On one hand, you’re probably too tipsy to care about anything but on the other hand you’re pretty sure you had your left earring, where did it go?  Add on the dim lights and loud music, its pretty hard to focus on anything at this point.  The best bet is to pair your night out ensemble with a simple anklet.  Out of sight out of mind while you’re partying all night long.

Now you’re an expert at styling minimalist jewelry!  And whenever you’re in doubt of what to wear, remember the wise words of fashion extraordinaire, “look in the mirror and take one thing off.”


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