Lost Wedding Rings: 30 Places to Find Your Engagement Ring

Do you wear your wedding ring everyday? 

In a short questionnaire we conducted, we found that 76.4% of married couples wear  their wedding rings everyday.

It seems like many people leave them on all the time, except for some who take them off in the shower or while sleeping. 

Lost Rings: What Should I Do?

i. Don’t Panic

Don’t panic.

If you’ve lost your ring at home, there is a very high chance that it will turn back up sooner or later. Thoroughly comb out each area of your home, and there’s a 99% chance you’ll be able to find it. 

ii. Trace Your Memory

Take a step back and calm down.

When was the last time you remember having your ring on?

Your memory is your number one friend when locating lost valuables. 

Make good use of it.

But remember, a clear and calm mind will help jog your memory.

iii. Start Looking Around You

The last place you remembered having it on was before taking a bath. 

Perhaps that’s a good place to start looking.

You might want to check the different nooks and crannies in the bathroom. 

Did you leave it on an empty soap dish? Inside your medicine cabinet? 

Start from there and expand your search.

iv. Retrace Your Steps

Where was the last place you remember wearing your jewelry? Retrace your steps back to all possible locations. 

v. Go Back to the First Place

Check around the areas where you are most likely to take off your jewelry. 

Did you take it off and leave it by the kitchen sink before you started cooking tonight’s dinner?

vi. Clean Rooms

If you’ve misplaced it in one of the rooms in your home, you’ll most likely be able to locate it by carefully combing through every room.

Where and How Did You Lose Your Ring?

i. How to Find Lost Jewelry at Home

A. Lost Ring While Cooking

An easy way to lose your ring is during housework such as cooking.

In situations where you need to use your hands a lot, you’re more likely to take off your ring.

Or, it could have slipped off when you took off your oven mitts.

The kitchen is a good place to start if you can’t remember where you misplaced your ring. 

B. Lost Ring While Washing Dishes

Do you remove your rings before washing dishes?

Since you use detergent while washing dishes, it is easy for the ring to slip off your fingertips. 

Especially in a hurry, when you drain the sink quickly after dish-washing, the ring might have came off and gone down the drain with the water. 

Not only is water and chemical cleaning agents potentially damaging to your ring, it increases the chance of losing it. 

We recommend taking it off before washing dishes.

C. Doing the Laundry

Doing the laundry is another hazard in terms of ring-losing.

Doing the laundry in a hurry? 

Your ring might have slipped off while you were throwing your dirty laundry into the washing machine without you knowing. 

You turn on the washing machine and once you realize your ring is missing, it might be like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

D. Taking a Shower 

We recommend taking off your rings during bath time. 

Not only is it damaging to your ring, in terms of dirt and grime accumulation, your ring can go down the drain. 

Once that happens, it’s almost impossible to retrieve it back. 

E. Putting on Hand Creams

Perhaps your ring came off after you put on hand cream? 

Lotions are slippery, it could have caused your rings to slip off your fingers. 

ii. How Did You Lose Your Ring?

A. You Didn’t Want to Scratch Your Ring

“I didn’t want to scratch my ring”

This is one of the most common reasons I hear.  

B. The Size of Your Finger Has Changed

The shape and size of your fingers can change. 

Temperature and diet can affect your finger size.

Cold weather can shrink your fingers, whereas heat and high-sodium foods can make your fingers swell.

Even when you ring was a perfect fit at the time of purchase, that can change. 

C. You Took It Off

Special care should be taken when removing your ring. 

If you have a habit of removing your ring in everyday life, you probably have a special place to put it. 

But, if you are like me, and you remove it irregularly, it’s easy to leave it in an usual place, and you completely forget where you left it.

Be careful when removing your ring.

iii. How to Find Lost Jewelry Outside

A. Left Your Ring at Work

Have you ever gone home and realized you left your ring at work?

I have! And it’s the most horrifying feeling. 

If you need to take off your ring at work, keep it locked away in your desk drawer.

Or, keep it in a small pill box in your purse.

B. Playing Sports

Jewelry and sweat just don’t mix.

The pH in your skin and the metal in your jewelry can react in negative ways to each other. 

It makes sense to remove your ring during sports.

Do keep it in a secure location if you remove it. 

C. Swimming Pool

Any water-related activities can be bad for your jewelry.

The chlorine in swimming pools can damage and discolour your jewelry.

If you lose your jewelry while swimming, it's probably is sitting on the bottom of the pool.

Ask a staff to check the bottom of the pool for you. 

Where to Find Lost Jewelry at Home

  • Aprons
  • Dresser
  • Drawers
  • Freezer
  • Fridge
  • Garage
  • Gym Bag
  • Handbag
  • Floor
  • Inside your clothes
  • Inside your gloves
  • Inside shoes
  • Inside the bed
  • Jeans and trouser pockets
  • Keyring
  • Kids jewelry box
  • Kitchen drawer
  • Laptop bag
  • Laundry basket
  • Laundry hamper
  • Pillow
  • Plant pots
  • Purse
  • Side of bathtub
  • Slippers
  • Sofa
  • Table
  • The original ring box
  • Under letters
  • Under the bed
  • Under the rug
  • Washing machine

Will You Tell Your Partner?

i. I Feel Guilty, I Need to Tell

If you’ve tried your best searching for the ring and it still doesn’t resurface, apologize to your partner as soon as possible. 

Your immediate apology will convey your regrets and your partner is likely to forgive you.

If you’re the type to lose things easily, you can implement an improvement plan to show your partner you are sincere at wanting to have the issue fixed.

ii. I'm Scared, I Can't Tell

Is this your second time losing your ring?

If you feel like you really can’t tell your partner as you’re afraid of losing their trust, you could consider repurchasing the ring so they don’t know about the loss.

You may be able to buy the same ring because of the purchase records at the store. 

If this is the route you decide to take, contact the store where you bought it to see if they have the same item. 

If the purchase was made many years ago, it may be possible that the ring is no longer manufactured. 

If the wedding ring has a simple design, it could be hard to notice the difference even if you ordered a new model. 

If Your Ring Is Not at Home, Consider the Other Following Purposes

i. Insurance

If you are planning on claiming through your insurance policy, a police report will be needed for claims. 

The police most likely will have a channel to search for stolen jewelry. 

Occasionally they will be able to recover the stash of stolen goods from another person’s possession. 

By reporting the theft to police, you are allowing authorities to match the stolen goods to your lost jewelry. 

When filing a police report, don’t forget to jot down police report number and the officer you spoke with.

ii. Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are great tools to let others know about your stolen jewelry. 

The online community can help keep an eye out for your lost jewelry. You never know whether one of your friends or followers may know someone who knows someone...

iii. Stolen911

Stolen911 is a useful online database for stolen jewelry including rings, watches, necklaces, heirlooms, etc.

Create an online fingerprint for your stolen pieces by uploading documents, pictures, information and details about the piece. 

This will help pawn shops and law enforcement agencies to locate stolen jewelry and return it back to the rightful owner. 

Stolen911 is a free and user-friendly online service that people who have lost their jewelry should definitely use. 

How to Prevent Losing Your Rings

i. Don’t Take It off Often

Resist the temptation. 

If you will be doing activities where you think your ring will get in your ring, maybe opt for leaving your ring at home. 

By taking it off frequently, you risk the chance of dropping it or misplacing it.

ii. Put It Back in the Same Place

Have a designated ring spot. 

By keeping it in the same place at all times, you will minimize the chance of misplacing it. 

I usually keep my ring in the original box it came in. This way, I know it is always in that box if I’m not wearing it.

iii. Carry a Ring Case or Box With You

If you have a habit of taking of your rings when you go out, think about carrying a ring case or box in your purse. 

If you leave your ring in your purse without a case or box, there’s a chance it’ll get lost in the other stuff you have in your bag. 

Now that you’re confident at relocating your lost valuables, take a look at our affordable everyday jewelry


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