How to Wear a Pearl Necklace: Rules for Wearing Pearls

Are There Rules for Wearing Pearls?

Pearls are not only for ceremonious occasions, but also for casual outfits. 
The beauty, the lustre, and the shine - every woman knows the charm of pearls.
Pearls can make a woman shine and add a touch of accent to any outfit.
In a formal setting, a nice string of pearls can give you confidence.
Arguably, pearls are the only accessories that are versatile enough for festive occasions as well as mourning. 
Since the tear-drop shape of pearls are likened to tears, they are allowed to be worn at a place of mourning, like a funeral. 
However, some colours, shapes, and lengths are not suitable for formal settings. 

How to Pick and Wear the Right Pearls

Choose the Right Colour of Pearls

The beauty of pearls is attributed to how they are the only gemstones to be created by a living organism. 

While pearls can easily flatter the wearer, the colour of the pearl is a consideration you should factor in when selecting pearls.

The lustrous property of the pearl means it absorbs the light of its surroundings.

Warm Skin Tone

A warm skin tone is defined by undertones that are peachy, yellow or golden.
For warm skin tone, gold and cream-coloured pearls love flawless. 

Cool Skin Tone

Cool skin undertones have hints of pink, blue, or olive. 
For people with cool skin tones, generally, lighter pearls look best. 
White and black pearls are colours with no hues and they look amazing with any skin tones.
Remember: Like any jewelry, when choosing pearls, the number one and most important rule is to choose something that is representative of yourself. 
Jewelry is a form of expressionism. 
The most important determining factor is to select something that you love. 

Choose the Right Length of Pearls

Did you know the meaning behind the pearl necklace changes depending on the length?
It is an unspoken rule that the chain length of around 40cm is said to be highly prestigious. 
This length makes it easy to match clothes with any design, from dresses to formal suits.

Daytime Parties

Pearl necklaces with a length of 50-60cm is perfect for daytime parties. 
It is perfect when you want to accentuate the neck area.

Evening Parties

The longer 75-80cm necklace length gives off an elegant and dressy impression.
This length is recommended for parties during the evening.

Choose the Right Size of Pearls

Small Pearls 

Pearls with a diameter smaller than 7mm is suitable for everyday wear.
Their subtlety is eye-catching.
Their versatility makes them perfect for the classroom as well as the boardroom. 

Regular Pearls 

The size of a standard pearl is about 7.5-8mm.
They are not too big and not too small. 
They work well with events like daytime parties.

Oversized Pearls

Items over 10mm have a strong sense of luxury and are probably not suited for school events or mourning.

Pearls Depend on Your Age

The size of the pearl that suits you will vary depending on your age. 
It is said that the younger the age, the smaller and cuter the pearls should appear.
Whereas, the older the person, larger and brighter pearls would match better. 

For people in their 20’s

For a clean and neat impression, you may want to choose pearls that are 7-7.5mm in size. 
First-time pearl wearers in their early 20's may look like they are wearing a “borrowed” item, if they wear something that is too big.
So don't overdo it and choose the right size.

For people in their 30’s

For people in their 30’s, 8mm is the perfect choice. 
This size is not too flashy, but still gives off a gorgeous appearance. 
It is an easy-to-use size for people who have many occasions to wear it to. 

For people in their 40’s 

With a size of 8 mm or more, the pearl shine brightens the face area and enhances the appeal.

Choose the Right Type of Pearls


Akoya pearls, also known as the “Queen of Pearls”, originates from the sea of Japan.
They have a beautiful texture due to the effect of the difference in temperature between the seawater and climate. 
Akoya pearls are also characterized by their uniform and circular spherical shape. 
They have a beautiful gloss that shines from the inside. 
The common akoya pearl size is 6-8mm. 
Any size over 9mm is considered rare.

South Sea Pearl 

The largest white pearl inside pearl oysters have an astonishing size of 20-30mm.
The pearl layer is thick and there are many beads with a diameter of 10mm or more.
The creamy rich colours like white, silver and gold are extremely attractive. 
They are rare and if paired with a monotone outfit, it will be extremely eye-catching.

Black Pearls 

Black pearls are produced mainly from subtropical climates to temperate zones. 
The colour and lustre of these dark pearls are unique. 
Their mysterious brilliance and high rarity is what makes these pearls so highly loved by many.
These pearls are easy to pair with any types of outfits, such as ceremonial occasions, parties, and even everyday wear. 

Freshwater Pearls

The pearls produced by freshwater shells, such as the mussels, are called freshwater pearls.
Most of the freshwater pearls in circulation today are produced by aquaculture. 
The size varies from 2-10mm, and there are a wide variety of colours such as white, pink, and orange. 
The price is relatively reasonable, and the colours and designs are diverse, so it is possible to have several freshwater pearls in your jewelry box to fit different occasions and outfits.

Poppy Pearls

It is found in all pearls such as the Akoya, South Sea and freshwater pearls. 
Poppy pearls is a generic term for pearls that do not have a nucleus, and refers to pearls with small grains, like the seeds of poppy. 
Foreign matter such as sand grains enter the shell by accident from the outside to create this type of pearl. 

Choose the Right Shape of Pearls

Mix Pearls

Like the name suggests, mixed pearls is a collection of pearls of various colors. 
For example, a combination of Akoya pearls with South Sea pearls that have a neat and gorgeous feel.
There are many different variations.
Depending on the color combination, you can use it both elegantly or casually. 
It's the perfect pearl for people who want to showcase their individuality.

Baroque Pearls

Pearls come in a variety of shapes, from round, semi-round, oval, to drops. 
Baroque pearls are not round, and is characterized by irregular shapes. 
It is the result of a coincidence in nature, and because no two pearls are the same, it brings out the individuality of the wearer. 
Its interesting and unique shape also makes it more compatible with casual outfits than traditional round round pearls.


And there you have it! 
All the information and tips you need to know when wearing pearls for your next event. 
Pearl necklaces and any other types of pearl jewelry are excellent pieces that can be used daily as well as in formal settings. 
Keep a few timeless pearl pieces to widen the range of your jewelry coordinates!

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