The Ideal Earring Pairings and Looks for 6 Major Face Shapes

Many women swear by earrings. 

Not only do they make a great addition to any outfit, they also enhance your natural beauty to bring out your best facial features.

BUT, that is only if you know how to pick the right one.

There are so many factors to consider when selecting the perfect earrings.

doll with earrings

Here is a quick and easy guide which will help you pick out the right earrings to flatter your face. 

There are 6 major face shapes. 

  • Narrow
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Inverted Triangle

Certain earrings can help make your face appear longer, thinner, wider or more angular than it really is.

Determining which shape your face is will help you select earrings that can effortlessly underline your best feature. 

Question 1: What is the Length of Your Face?

  • LONG: If your face is long, you most likely have an oval or narrow face shape.
  • SHORT: You could have a round or square face, depending on your jawline. Let’s move onto the next question to confirm.

Question 2: What is the Shape of Your Jaw?

  • POINTY: With a pointy jaw, the structure of this face shape visibly narrows towards the chin. If you have a sharp jawline and a pointed chin, you most likely have a triangle or heart-shaped face. 
  • SQUARE: A strong rigid and angular jawline points to a square face shape. 
  • ROUND: Round jawlines are characteristics of either round or narrow face shapes. If the width of your cheekbones is similar to the length of your face, you have a round face. Whereas, if the length of your face is visibly longer than the width, you have either an oval or narrow face shape.  

Question 3: What’s the Widest Part of Your Face?

  • CHEEKBONES: Faces with wide cheekbones are typically considered to have a round face shape. 
  • JAW: Wide and prominent jawlines point to a square face shape.

Narrow Face

Defining Traits

  • Your face is thin and lengthy
  • Cheekbones, jaws and forehead are not visibly wide

Earrings for You

For people with narrow face structures, you want your earrings to help widen your face, making them appear fuller.

We recommend our Mirielle Gold Trilogy Hoops.

Hoops, short dangle earrings, or rounded earrings are also great choices, as they add volume to the face. 

Mirielle trilogoy hoops

Oval Face

Defining Traits

  • Your face shape is oval like an egg
  • Your forehead is slightly larger than your chin
  • Your face narrows to a well-rounded chin

Earrings for You

Congratulations on having the most versatile face shape!

People with oval faces have one of the most versatile face structures. This means, basically any types of earrings will work with oval faces.

From long dangle earrings that accentuate the face's slim shape to simple pearl earrings to focus on those alluring cheekbones, oval faces can pull off any look.

Take a look at our Madelyn gold swivel stud, its unique take on the classic stud earrings add a final touch of elegance to any ensemble. 

Round Face

Defining Traits

  • Circular face shape
  • Width of cheekbones is similar to total the length of your face 

Earrings for You

Long earrings or drops look lovely on you as it as it helps lengthen the face and gives off an overall slimming look.

People with round face structures should avoid circular and hoop earrings as it adds roundness to the face. 

Our Camila Braided Gold Hoops are a great choice for this face shape! These elongated hoops makes these earrings the perfect pairing for casual weekdays or date night.

Square Face

Defining Traits

  • Angular jawline
  • Similar widths between forehead, jaw and cheekbones 

Earrings for You

For people with square faces, you want to soften the face’s natural angles with rounded earrings like hoops. Drop earrings and earrings with circular shapes also work well.

Refrain from earrings with square shapes as they cast harsh angles on the face’s natural lines.

Our Sofia braided hoops create a sensual yet playful look. Effortlessly pair this jewelry-box essential to any ensemble.

Heart-Shaped Face

Defining Traits

  • As the name suggests, your face is shaped like a heart
  • Your forehead is wider than the rest of your face
  • Typically a widow’s peak is present
  • Your face narrows down to a pointed chin
  • Overall face length is quite short 

Earrings for You

Balance out the shape of your face with teardrop earrings or simple chandelier earrings.

Earrings that are fuller and wider at the bottom streamline the narrow lower portion of your face which creates a more well-rounded look.

The bold Mia cubic zirconia ear jacket will turn heads and elevate any look.


Inverted Triangle-Shaped

Defining Traits

  • Widest part of the face is the forehead
  • Lengthy face
  • Face narrows down to a pointed chin

Earrings for You

Long earrings that end at the jawline are a stunning choice.

Teardrop earrings work well with this face shape as it lessens the appearance of the wide forehead.

Take a look at our Naomi Croissant Semi-Hoops.

These twists to the classic semi-hoops will captivate and bring out your natural allure.

Undeniably, earrings play such a vital role in bringing our wardrobe to life.

Because of its close proximity to our faces, they have the ability to highlight our best facial features.

Knowing how to choose the best earrings based on your face shape will help accentuate the natural beauty of your face, hair and personality!

Come check out our affordable dainty jewelry collection to add a new piece to your jewelry rotation! 


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