Ankle Bracelet Meaning: What Is the Difference Between Bracelets, Bangles and Anklets?

Bracelets and bangles are some of the accessories you can wear around your wrist. 

Do you know the difference between the two?

Today, we will be talking about bracelets, bangles, and anklets - and the difference between each one!

The Difference Between Bracelets and Bangles

A bracelet is a general term for decorative jewelry worn around the arms or wrists.

Among them, a bangle is a bracelet that has no fasteners and usually, its outer frame does not change in size or adjust to the wearer’s wrist.

Most bangles are made of metal, but some are made of cloth or beads.

Some types of bracelets include:

Tennis Bracelet

A bracelet with small diamonds all around it is also known as a diamond bracelet. Check out our blog on the history and details of tennis bracelet. 

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a base bracelet with small decorations. 

There are various charms such as crosses, hearts, and stars, etc.

Elastic Bracelet

Elastic has the meaning of "stretchable". 

A bracelet in which beads or power stones are passed through rubber is called an elastic bracelet, and it is the most common shape.

The Bracelet is One of The Oldest Jewelry

The bracelet has a surprisingly long history, and it is said that human beings have worn it for a long time. 

Historically, it seems that bracelets were simple ones made by connecting shells and animal bones.

Should I Wear the Bracelet on the Left or Right?

There is no particular rule on which bracelet to wear, but it is said that the right and left have different meanings.

When wearing it on the right hand, it is said that the right hand is connected to the left brain and therefore helps with things like problem solving. 

If you want to do something or solve a problem you are having, why not try wearing your bracelet on your right hand?

On the other hand, when it is worn on the left hand, it is said to have a mental effect. 

For those who want strength and the courage to take a step forward, the left may be better.

It's a good idea to remember that the right hand is for realistic change and the left hand is for mental change.

What is an Anklet?

Anklets are accessories that you can wear on your ankles.

There are various materials and designs for anklets, and it is often difficult to tell at a glance whether they are bracelets or anklets.

Also, many anklets have a simple design so that they don't get in the way when walking, so if you're looking for a simple bracelet, you can also use the adjustable anklet as a bracelet, and vice versa.

Although not as old as the origin of bracelets, anklet also has a long history. 

It is said that it already existed in ancient Egypt and was worn as a talisman.

Earlier, I introduced the position and meaning of the bracelet, but you need to be a little careful about the anklet. 

The Meaning of Anklets Differ Depending on Whether You Wore it on the Left or Right Ankle

Here, I would like to introduce the different meanings of anklets when worn on the left and right ankles.

Actually, the meanings are different depending on whether it is worn on the left or right foot.

What Does It Mean to Have an Anklet on Your Left Foot?

The meaning of wearing an anklet on the left foot means that you have a significant other.

Returning back to the previous section, it seems that in history, slaves wore the iron ring on their left ankles.

Based on this, the anklet worn on the left foot seems to mean there is a “master”. 

This has evolved to mean there is a girlfriend, boyfriend, a husband or a wife.

What Does It Mean to Have an Anklet on Your Right Foot?

What does it mean to wear an anklet on your right foot?

Contrary to the previous one, the anklet on the right foot is said to represent an unmarried person who does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

It is said that those who are looking for a lover will wear an anklet on their right foot.


What is the difference between a bracelet and a bangle? 

A bangle is a type of bracelet, while an anklet is very similar to a bracelet. 

However, since the anklet is worn on the ankle, it is made a little longer than a bracelet.  

The gold anklet is recommended in the summer and warmer months when the skin and ankle is exposed a lot. 

The rich and luxurious sparkle of gold makes your hands and feet look more feminine and delicate.

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